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Chapter 20

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Rose's P.O.V.


I sat there in my peaceful gazebo, watching the deer and rabbits munch happily on berries, leaves and grass outside while I remain inside, brushing my hand over the oak finish. Thoughts flowed through my mind as I can imagine how devistated Sky was. A part of me knows that this had something to do with the Hellfires. They were never really great guys, since they sprouted from their anchient counterparts, who practiced demonology and saintonic rituals. I know that they did this. Yet the rest of me hurts. Anali and I were close, not as close as Sky was, but pretty damn close.

I know that it's pretty sad to think this way but so be it. I never wanted this to happen to my cousin and now I'm scared for not only my family but for the boys' families as well. If they did this to my cousin, a non bender, I don't want to know what they would do to the boys, to their grand-nephews and nieces and their children. Well, that just made them seem old..... then again, they are about 120 years old.

Then, the scenery changed. My gazebo was live with noises of panicking animals and the licking of flames. The deer, rabbits, squirrels and other small animals all running away from the wooded area. I jumped up and ran out of the cabin, letting my legs charge down the path I've become all too familiar with. I refused to stop as I felt the burning heat lightly brush against my skin and the redhot embers began to prick against my skin like firey needles, but I couldn't care about that. I don't care that the smoke was beginning to build in my lungs like I'm inhaling a cigerette, making it harder for me to breath in. All I can think about is the fact that the closer I'm getting to the house, the more I can hear the fire, breaking of wood, the sounds of wood collapsing to the ground. I'm too scared to notice the pain.

I stared, a moment of frenzy filling my veins. The house.... it was glowing bright reds and oranges, and I can feel the raging heat from where I'm standing. The smoke was billowing above to the clouds, shrouding them in ash and soot. Before I could turn and run, I stunned myself by running towards the smoldering house, my feet refusing to turn away from something I'm deathly afraid of. I was running inside, avoiding the small patches of fire charring the floor, calling out my family's names. Running around from one place to another, I opened a door to one room and I recognized the screams and cries of my cousins and unfamiliar whimpering. I narrowed my eyes, trying to lead myself to my cousins when I noticed something, there were four more.

I stared into the eyes of my cousins, all of them about 5 or 6 years old, back when Aqua was more open and exciteable, when Sky was a sweet, shy child, Sapphire was ignorant, and when Ember was always going on about Disney princesses and stuff like that. But that's not what shocked me more. The boys, all of them about... maybe 16, 18 years old for Louis, and they were clutching my cousins, sheilding them from the licking flames that was threatening to hurt them, threatening to kill.

I opened my mouth to yell something out, but nothing would come. No scream for help, no shout to catch their attention, nothing. Then, the ceiling collapsed, dividing me from my family. The boys looked up in horror, staring at the devilish flames when Liam's eyes met mine. His eyes widened, like he recognized me. I just stared back, letting my panic be shown. But this time, when the flames began to burn brighter, the boys only held the girls closer, and before anything could happen, I noticed something that made my heart stop.

The flames that were eating against the wood was beginning to reach them and I noticed something happening. The boys' eyes began to glow brighter and then, a light blue, indigo, fire red, emerald green, and ghostly grey light covering the 9 of them, and the flames that were originally going to smother them was now being pushed away from what the boys were doing. I stared as the flames, trying to reach the boys and the girls being rejected by the power manifesting from Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry.

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