December 2

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Today is the second day that I spend in this horrible Jail .

Worse than an horrible jail .

A thick smoke made me cough , I jumped off my bed, finding Rachel oh sorry 'Smoke weed baby' ........smoking .

I glanced at my watch '05:40 am.'

-" Oh my god." I groaned.

-"Hello." 'Smoke weed baby uttered nonchalantly .

-"Hi." I replied and closed my eyes again .

"You better get up . Amy will pass in the room in ..." She glanced at her watch and finished " in 20 minutes. She needs to find everyone awake ."

-"What, who's Amy?" I pushed the sheets lazily .

-"The old lady that accompanied us to our rooms yesterday night." She finished , glaring at her smoke .

I posed my feet on the cold floor and shivered


Smoke weed giggled : "Decidely you are new . it's obvious . You and the blonde weirdo."

-"WHY?" I asked .

-"Because you look .......weak."

-"I'm not." I replied coldly .

I fixed my hair : a messy bun and ran to the bathroom . lavabos toilets . Pathetic . Worse than a jail as I said .

I took a quick shower , the water wasn't hot enough so when I left the bathroom , I was freezing .

I wore some warm cloths , remembering Mom's sentences "Wear warm cloths." No I will not . I will not .

I put them off and wore a little shirt . I glanced at the window : Snow . I decided to take with me a little coat .

At that moment , Amy the old woman opened our door screaming


All of them were awake , prepared . They left the room , I followed them immediately . I don't wanna get lost like yesterday and bump in that Esté again. Well I want to but I don't want to have problems .

I followed the girls , we traversed the long corridor . I was glaring at every door :

"221" "220" "219" "218" "217"

We Arrived in front of a big door , Aisha pushed it and I discovered a long table that reminded me of that Table were they usually eat , in Harry Potter . Girls . Just girls .

"Boys and girls cannot be together . " Esté's voice was playing on my mind .

They were really strict .

An indistinct Buzzing noise hit my ears . Everyone was muttering .

I sat in front of 'Smoke Weed Baby' , between two girls and crossed my arms shyly .

I wanna come back to my home . I'm suffering here and it wasn't even me who did the mistake . I'm innocent .

This fact made me feel angry . Rebel .

On the table : Bread , weird colored jam , milk , butter .

Kill me now please . I will be hungry forever in this jail .

-" Did you hear the new about Brandon and Emilie?" the girl who was sitting beside me said to her friend.

-" Emilie Parks ? The girl who stole a car?" the other girl replied.

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