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You are everything I need to make me happy

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I miss you.

I think about you




I need you here

simply because

I need the comforting silence,

Your caring presence.

I want to feel your breath on my face,

your hands holding me near,

your adoring eyes.

I miss your touch,

your voice,

your hoodie.

I love how you care -

You are constantly worried bout me.

I feel so cared for.

Thank you.

I love how you make me blush


I love how you smile when you see I'm smiling.

I love how you kiss my forehead when you notice I'm down.

I love how you kiss my neck and cheek to in the unawkward silences when we sit together.

I love when you kiss me

and don't stop

- you wait for me to.

I love sitting with my legs across your lap

and laying my head on your shoulder.

I love falling asleep with you

and just forgetting the world.

I love you.

You are everything I need to make me happy.

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