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I grew up in a very strict and religious family. I'm the only child so my parents doted on me so much.

Pinagbibigyan nila ako sa lahat ng gusto ko, materyal na bagay man o atensyon, pero...

"You need to stay pure until you get married."

"When you grow up, you need to be good to your husband, you always need to do what he wants, you need to make him happy."

"You need to learn to cook so your husband will be pleased."

"When you grow up, you'll definitely have a good husband, just be good and do what I always told you."

They said more things I don't even want to remember..

Dahil sa pamilya ko, lumaki akong iniisip na kapag laki ko, kailangan kong gawin ang lahat para mapasaya ang magiging asawa ko, na kapag naging masunurin ako, magkakaroon ako ng mabuting asawa.

And I hate it! Because it's not like that! Bakit tinatak nila sa isip ko 'yon?! I was young back then, I'll believe everything they say!

Ngayon ko lang tuluyang naintindihan na mali ang lahat ng itinatak nila sa isip ko. I became a doormat and a pushover because they raised me like one!

Why would I need to treat my husband like a god?  Bakit kailangan kong maging masunurin sa magiging asawa ko? Bakit kailangan kong palaging isipin ang ikakasaya ng magiging asawa ko kesa sa ikakasaya ko?

The way my parents told me that when I was young, it's like they're raising me to be someone's slave!

I thought it's right, growing up, I believed all their words. Pero ngayon... I confirmed that what they said isn't true, kahit na maging mabait ako, masunurin, at gawin ang lahat para sa lalaking mapapangasawa ko, hindi ibig sabihin no'n na magiging mabuti na rin siya sa akin.

Now, the thoughts I feared the most, I just confirmed it too...

My parents only raised me so they can use me for their business...

Mas humigpit ang pagkakahawak ko sa basong hawak ko. Can you believe it? I'm 25 years old! But this is the second time I went into a club! Why? Because my parents doesn't want me to go to places like this again! I just used to drink alcohol with my family whenever there's an occasion, I can't drink outside the house. They prohibited me because of what happened when I had an after party for my eighteenth birthday in a club, I can't remember what happened when I got drunk, but since then, they won't allow me to enter even a one step into a place like this.

Pero ngayon, walang kahit sino ang makakapigil sa akin!

Ininom ko ang alak na hawak ko.

I will consider this as the first time I got to see a different world from what I'm used to be, with no one restraining me from what I want to do.

I smirked, I looked around and saw a tall guy wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans that's coming near to my direction, I can't see clearly, but I saw how many people craned their necks while staring at him.

I got interested immediately, to just walk and got so much attention like that...

"Ramses! Long time no see." Masayang bati ng bartender sa lalaking umupo sa katabi kong stool bar.

Bakit ganoon? Simpleng black t-shirt at faded jeans lang ang suot niya, pero bakit mas malakas pa ang dating niya sa mga lalaking mas maporma rito?

"I've been very busy." The man named 'Ramses' said.

Nanigas ako sa kinauupuan ko.

That voice... That deep baritone voice. His voice is so good. It's my first time to hear such a very manly voice that so good to the ear.

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