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This book is sadly coming to an end. I was thinking about a sequel but now it's completely up to you guys. Message me with all you're opinions, I'll put my iMessage at the end of the chapter so you guys can stay in touch with me for anything for a sequel.

*Summer Vacation*

Calum POV

"I can't believe she so blind." I said to my friend Ashton.

"She's just been hurt by one of you're best friends, I can understand why she's love blind." He said taking a sip of his dr. pepper.

"I explained everything to her, and she said she needs time to think." I said resting my head in my sweaty palms.

"Good things comes to those who wait." Ashton said.

"I've waited so long for her. Where's my happy ending? I'm tired of waiting, I just want her. I- I love her." I saddened.

"Maybe you do need a little time from yourself. I mean you are giving up sexting with her." He laughed.

"It's whatever. I can't keep doing to myself... Getting my hopes up and only to be shot down with the person holding a revolver."

"Don't give up man. You'll get you're chance. Senior Year will be so much better." He said patting my back.

Morgan: Party on 5th Ave Harper St. Hope to see you there babe ;)

"Dude you still talk to Morgan?" Ashton asked.

"No what the fuck?" I asked confusedly.

"We'll she invited you to a party." He said picking up my phone off the table.

"I'm not going." I said.

"Wow you completely changed." he said shocked.

"Yeah for Aqua."


If you want a sequel iMessage me: malachiromaine@yahoo.com

The way I'm gonna end the book is gonna be huge. Will Aqua and Calum finally get to be with each other? Or will Morgan fuck it up?

Will be doing Q&As at the end of the book so get you're questions ready.

I'm so thankful for the 5k reads. I never really thought this book would get that far. I honestly thought my normal readers would be the only ones reading this cause I'm such a loner haha jk. But I love you guys.

Oh and I will be starting a YouTube channel soon.



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