Chapter 1: Otherworldly Visitors

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8:49 P.M.

Third Person POV

You were inside the café helping the old man clean the whole set of cups inside, plus checking the coffee machines and did some logistics to keep track of how much coffee supplies and ingredients are left and how much will be needed.

It was a Friday anyway. Nothing brings more joy than doing some latté art for all the customers under the roof, and most importantly, helping the old man with his table full of chores. You were empathetic anyway.

Y/N: "Right, all should be set for tomorrow. Anything else, Mister Gepetto?" You'd ask the old man.

Gepetto: "No no, not anymore. I appreciate you staying to help me young man." He says as he cleaned the last set of cups in the café.

Y/N: "You sure Mister?"

Gepetto: "Yes yes, young man. I'll take everything from here. You'll have to go home now."

Y/N: "If that's what you say. I'll head for home. Be safe out there, Mister Gepetto."

Gepetto: "You too, Y/N. Thank you again!"

You grabbed your sling bag and walked out from the café and onto your house down the street, just a walking distance.

However though, something else came up from your mind. Your roommate, he's been missing for a couple of days now, talking about a dream of having a "harem" full of demon girls from the very depths of hell itself. Usually before he disappeared without a trace, he would be cooking chocolate pancakes and playing turn based strategy games on his room. So much for that though.

He was a buff and muscular man. Charismatic and charming all the time. His most treasured possession was a suit with the colors of red and white with a flower on the lapel. Though, it disappeared with him.

Y/N: "It's been nine. Whole, fucking days man. If only God tells me where you are right now for Christ's sake."

You took out your phone from your pocket and dialed his number. Unfortunately, the call would always be out of reach, thus making it impossible to contact him.

Y/N: "Fuck. I swear I'll slit his throat when he comes back. He'd better have a reasonable explanation for being out of town for several days." You'd explicitly said to yourself.

In a short amount of time. Eventually, you'd reach the house.

But, before you even get to put the key into the doorknob, you'd hear strange sounds coming from inside the house and unnatural colors covered the painted walls inside and dark rays of light travel through outside the windows.

Y/N: "What in the world is going on..?" You'd wonder.

You put the key into the doorknob and slowly twisted it, you unlocked it and cautiously opened the door slightly and took a peek inside.

It was not a burglar. But a portal that opened right in front of you. Fortunately, it only seems the lighting is what's affected, nothing on your surroundings is flying around.

However though, several, unfamiliar figures walked out of the portal in an orderly fashion, all sharply dressed like nothing was happening. And thus, a familiar silhouette came out of it. Him. Your very own roommate. He was right, all along, with someone holding his arm. A woman, with white horns unlike the others who had black horns but also sharply dressed like the others but with a symbolic pin on her lapel. However though, one of them looks like an angel, with a helo above her head.

You swung the door open normally. And now, all eyes of theirs are all on you. Staring deep through your very own soul.

Judgement: "A TRESSPASSER HAS SEEK TO INVADE OUR DOMINION! I SHOULD DISPOSE OF HIM." She said in a voice that were feared by many.

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