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(Victoria's POV)


The sound of my phone woke me up i was in deep sleep until my stupid phone interrupted my beauty sleep i dragged my feet to the bathroom and freshened up wore my clothes (A/N: the picture up) and I applied light makeup wore my heels and took my purse, phone & car keys and entered my car and drove to the campus

***fast forward**

When I arrived i saw my bestie running to me and she hugged me "good morning Amber" I smiled at her sweetly as we released our hug and walked to class we had MATH aaaahhhh i just hate math actually i only like ART & Science so I slept through the whole lecture and the sound of the bell woke me up.


So i went to the cafeteria and brought a milkshake and a muffin and while i was walking side by side with amber someone bumped into me and my milkshake was all over my white shirt and everything was exposed and i was MAD & Embarrassed at the same time and when I looked up i said " HEY! ASS WH--" my words where cut when I noticed that the person that bumped into me was the basketball team captain KRIS WU AAAAHHHH he looks so handsome well actually so fuc*n HOT but wait he's smirking at me OH MY GOD why didn't I notice he meant it " WOW! Nice shirt" he said smirking i was too shocked to figure out that everything i was wearing under my shirt was exposed like My fucking BRA OMG!!!! Then i ran and went to the bathroom thank goodness amber brought an extra shirt and then i ran back to the cafeteria and and took a choco milkshake he looked up and said "well well look who we have he--" his words were cut by me spilling chocolate milkshake all over him "HHHHHhhh look who's laughing now" i said while smirking " WHAT THE FUCK" he blurted out angrily while slapping his hands in the table to be honest i was soo scared so i just huffed and walked away and i could hear him say " you'll pay for this " he said so i just shrugged it off and went to my class , i just slept the whole period off and when i woke up

*****RiNG RING******

And it was the bell that means its time to go home & then when i took my phone i saw that the there was missed massages so when I unlocked my phone i saw that it was my mom
(((( (M) is for MOM & (V) is for VICTORIA ))))

M: honey today we are going with your father to a dinner for a partnership okay get ready it's gonna be on 7:30pm ok honey take care. ❤️

V: okay mom..


When I arrived at home it was already 3:30pm so i just went to sleep ****RANG RANG**** the sound of my alarm clock woke me up and when i saw the time it was already 6:00pm I quickly went to the bathroom and took a shower and wore my clothes (A/N: the picture down.)
And applied light makeup " TORI HONEY QUICKLY COME DOWN " yelled mu mom from downstairs and I quickly took my phone and my bag and went in the car......... When we arrived i saw a Man & a lady with a guy with them the guy was tall he was obviously handsome " hello mr. & mrs. Wu" said my father & mother " wow you're daughter is really beautiful " said mrs.wu and I blushed at he compliment "thank you Mrs.Wu" i said looking down and then she held my hand and said " just call me mom" she said and I just nodded and then Mr. Wu nudged the guy which I suppose is there son he stood up and said " hello I'm kris wu nice to mee--" i looked up and i was shocked it was KRIS fuckin WU "YOU" we both yelled together pointing at each other " do you two know each other" said my mother " NOOO " we both said raising our voices
So then we sat down again and i said to my mom " why am i here mom?? " then my mom said " well the thing is honey you are here becuz its gonna be your marriage " she said and i just sat there dumbfounded " with who?? " i asked and then she said " kris " i gaped my mouth utterly shocked " WHATT" me and kris coursed

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