Chapter 1

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  • Dedicated to Him

He had dark hair and naturally tanned skin, he was well built and just looking his way made you smolder. His eyes were the most peculiar shade of green that when you looked at them they seemed to change shades.

‘Beth, Beth! Snap out of it!’ Kat whispered to me as I stared at him.

‘ooooh’ I groaned. ‘I wasn’t doing it again? Was I?’

‘Just focus for Christ sake’ she whispered back.

We were in the middle of drawing class and I was miserable failing at drawing Kat’s face.

‘Your heads just too damn fat’ I said directing my comment at the picture, while Kat laughed. Where Kat was gifted in drawing I was seriously lacking skill.

I was trying to make Kat’s head smaller when my gaze drifted back to him. I wish I were drawing him.

I wasn’t in the ‘Popular’ group, actually far from it. I liked to think that I was on a whole different level one that was near impossible to reach and had a few missing rooms. It wasn’t like I was stupid in fact I was quite smart. I just had a different way of handling things, a way with more glaring than anything really. If it was possible to kill people with glares I would be in prison by now.

He was in the popular group of course, when you’re that good looking you get pulled in by force. My friends called him arrogant but I just thought he was quiet. He had an intense stare which I would love to learn. But it was his eyes that entranced me, big doe eyes with a kind of innocence that you rarely see any more. He was handsome.

I on the other hand was not the typical plastic pretty that you see all too often now days. I hard dark brown, shoulder length hair that I refused to wear down, naturally bright red lips that often got me into trouble making it look like I was wearing lipstick. My eyes were grey blue, darker in the morning and lighter at night and I'm in year 10.

I've never had a boy friend, but I had plenty of experiences in crushes. In fact I have three right now, my everlasting crush on Taylor Lautner, Edwardo a guy I see from time to time and him.

He was my newest craze so fresh on my mind I thought about him while my science teacher gave a lecture on… What was it again?

‘Izzy,’ I asked quietly. ‘What’s he talking about?’

‘Oh umm.. Something about single cells splitting in half…” That’s about where I zoned out, much more enjoying my fantasizing about him. Before I knew it school had ended and I was stuck for 3 hrs listening to people sing while I sat down and doodled in my book waiting for the musical rehearsals to finish.

I think I dozed off in the middle somewhere, any way I woke up to Sebastian singing in a heavy American accent. I started laughing, until I saw the dirty looks I was getting from the other actors as I realized he was actually supposed to be doing that. I turned my IPod up higher to try and drown out the singing and I almost didn’t see Edwardo come up to me. Quickly taking out my head phones I looked up expectantly sort of blushing – something I do quite often.

‘I was wondering if you want to walk to the shops with me’ he asked kind of nervous.

YES shouted my brain ‘Sure sounds like fun’ I said out loud silently telling my brain to shut up.

We left School in silence which I wasn’t really sure how to break, unlucky for me I didn’t inherit any social skills from my parents.

Finally he started talking about the musical and how it was going to be so much fun, I just nodded along wondering if he actually thought so or was just saying that to make conversation.

The musical this year was Joseph and the Techni-coloured dream coat. An alright musical if you want to listen to amateurs sing for 2 hours. And woop-de-do I got dragged in for being stage manager so now I get to listen to the amateurs sing for three hours, two days a week.

I mentally zoned back in to Edwardo as we got closer to the shops he was talking about a museum he loved somewhere in Sydney.

We went to sit down at Neenie’s and we’d just taken our seats. When guess who turns up and starts to talk to Edwardo?? Yeah that’s right Him!!

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