Caitlen's One Shot (Anniversary)

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"Babe! Stop! Ahh! Austin Carter!" You squealed, feeling Austin's hands on your sides tickling you. You could hear his angelic laugh while he stopped, laying down beside you watching you calm down. You turned, facing him, the both of you still laughing. You lightly hit his chest, starting to sit up. He pulled you back down, whispering in your ear, "Happy anniversary, baby." You looked up into his sparkling hazel eyes, smiling, whispering back, "I love you so much." You wrapped your arms loosely around his neck, playing with the ends of his curly brown hair. His msile faded as he looked down at your lips, then back into your eyes. He slowly leaned forward, kissing you. You kissed back, the kiss turning rough. You slid your hands under his shirt, tracing your finger around his abs. You ripped of the shirt, popping the buttons off.

He layed back on you heavily, you could feel his warm chest on you through your yellow thin tank top. You wrapped your legs around his waist, still laying down on the bed. He continued to kiss roughly as he slid your denim shorts off, you quickly kicked off your silver Vans and let the shorts slide past your feet. He broke the kiss, taking off your shirt, you were now only in your underwear. You looked up at hi plafully while you unzipped his pants, pulling them down far enough to expose the huge bulge in his boxers. You could feel yourself getting wet at the sight of it, you traced your tounge areound the hem of his boxers, teasing him. You heard him slightly moan, then you slowly pulled down his American Eagle boxers, lettin ghis full lenght whip out. You grabbed it in your hands, slowly rising back up to meet Austin's lips. You started rubbing slowly, keeping it rythmetic. He moaned into the kiss, "Faster. Faster, baby faster." You started to speed up, rubbing harder and faster each time. He threw his head back, moaning in pleasure. You stopped, and pulled your underwear off, then unhooked your bra. His eyes grew wide at the sight of your body. He kissed you hard, laying you back down on the bed. Then, unexpectantly he shoved his full length inside you, not giving you time to adjust. 

You arched your back, threw your head back, and screamed in pelasure. 

"Say my name, now." He demanded, turned on by your sudden shreik. 

"Austin! Austin! Austin!" You yelled, gritting your teeth to keep from  being too loud and waking the neighbors. You moaned his name once more, feeling yourself climax, as long with him. You felt the warmth inside of you. He flopped beside you, out of breath. "" You said, panting after every word. You seen him out of the corner of your eye smiling and beaming. "Hey babe?" You heard him whisper beside you. You looked over at him, waiting for him to continue. "I don't know how were going to top this our next anniversary..." He said, smiling wildly. You smiled back, laughing. After about three minutes he asked, "So. Ready for round two?"

Sorry it took so long. I couldn't think of a good scene.. But thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! (:

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