Chapter 4 'Oh No, It's School'

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"Abby, you are going to school." Mom said. "But mom! There is NO WAY I am going to school with MMH. Aachoo! For your information, I AM STILL SICK." Abby reminded. Even though she missed her buddies, she wouldn't show up with MMH. She'd first faint, develop a lingering disease.. etc.

*Writes journal*

What should be easy:
Getting up.
Brushing hair.
Walking to school.

At the same time, they could be difficult as for:
I have to look at my hair at the mirror.
I have to walk outside with my hair.
I have to go to school with my hair.
My mom says that there is a famous haircutter in town named Jeannie. My mom made an appointment with her this Friday.

*Closes journal and boards school bus*

Abby was wearing the same wool hat she wore before. She walked to the school playground with her best friends, Jessica and Natalie. "There ought to be a haircut hospital,'' she said. "With ambulance service, call 911 for hair emergencies."
"You'll be okay," Jessica said reassuringly. She was a tall girl with long straight brown hair that she wore in a ponytail. "No one will notice."
"Oh yeah?" Abby said.
Natalie was a slight girl with short, dark hair who never paid much attention about her appearance. "Tell everyone that you did it on purpose, or it was a side effect from the flu. Laugh it off!"
"I should have shaved it off." Abby cried. "And gone to school bald. Wait until Brianna sees it." Brianna was one of their classmates. She had perfect hair, dresses like a model, took French and acting lessons, and was always the best at everything. "Don't worry about her," Jessica said.
"By the way, we have a science fair coming up. We meet our partners today." Natalie said.
"What should I do? Study a structure of a hair molecule? Analyze the difference between curly and straight hair?" Abby asked her friends.
"Get your mind off your hair Abby," Jessica advised.
The three girls walked up the stairs to the school. Their classmates greeted them. "Oh no bro, SPELLING TEST TODAY! I haven't read through the words!" Mason panicked loudly. Abby shrugged. Abby had studied the words all weekend. Besides, it was easier than Math, English and Science. Ahead of them, Brianna and Bethany were talking about their weekend. Brianna was wearing a short mirrored dress and chunky shoes. Her glossy dark hair was perfectly cut. Bethany looked like the mirror image of her friend, she was also wearing a short dress and chunky shoes. Her hair was blonde and braided with ribbons. "Abby! You're back!" Ms. Kantor exclaimed. "It's good to have you back in the classroom again. I hope you're feeling better."
Abby handed her teacher her homework. "I'm better," she said. "Until I take my hat off," she added under her breath. Her heart began to thump. Ms. Kantor had a "no hats" rule.

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