Chapter 2:

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Soon after, the plane landed and I made my way through the airport. I soon saw a sign with my name on it, held up by a man in a black suit. I instantly recognize him to be one of my grandfather's drivers.

"Mr. Han, it's nice to see you" I say, as I drag my bags along behind me.

"Miss Yu. It's a pleasure to see you as well. Let me take your bags." Mr. Han says as he then takes my bags from me.

"Thankyou." I say, before looking around.

Mr. Han was my grandfather's personal driver, which meant that my grandfather had to be here somewhere.

Seeing me look around, Mr. Han clears his throat, gaining my attention.

"Your grandfather is waiting in the car. We should go now." He tells me as he then leads the way.

We make our way out of the airport where a black limo is already waiting.  Mr. Han quickly puts my bags into the trunk before he comes over, opening the door for me.

Inside, I see my grandfather, patiently awaiting my arrival. I smile upon seeing him, quickly climbing in and hugging him.

"Grandfather! I've missed you so much." I exclaim before sitting down properly across from him.

"Yu Ying Yue, you've grown up well at that school. Your teachers have told me that you were top of the class, why do you want to return to China, to a lower school at that?" He asks me, as the limo takes off.

"I'll still focus on my studies, I promise. But I want to spend my last year of school with Siyang. I haven't seen him in so long, and I miss my best friend." I tell him, thinking about my best friend whom I would soon get to see again.

"Mu Siyang, I always liked that boy. You know, he'd be a fine choice for you to marry. He's well behaved, smart, and can lead a team well. I heard he was captain of his school's tennis team now. Won't you consider him?" Grandfather asks me.

"You know we are like siblings, why would I want to marry him? I promise, I'll find someone suitable when the time is right, but I don't want to marry Siyang." I tell him, cringing at the thought of marrying my best friend.

"Fine. We'll tell him I say hello, and to come visit me at the company. If you wont marry him, I can at least offer him a job when he is older." Grandfather starts.

"Anyways," He continues.

"I've already set you up at Yu Qing. You start class tomorrow. You'll be in Siyang's class, and I've rented the house next to his, for you to live in. If you don't take a company car home, at least walk home with Siyang so I know you are safe." He tells me.

"Okay, but I'm not a little girl anymore. I can protect myself." I say, defending myself.

"I know, but you are the sole heir to the company. If anything happens to you, not only will I worry, but the company will be jeopardized. So please, just stay safe." He tells me.

"I will, I promise." I say, as I feel the car come to a stop.

"We're here, sir." Mr. Han tells my grandfather before getting out of the limo and coming to open the door.

"Now, school should be out for the day, but I want you to take a look around before you start tomorrow." Grandfather tells me as Mr. Han then opens my door for me.

"I'll have your things sent to your new house. If Siyang is still here, you can walk home with him, if not, call Mr. Han and he will come pick you up." He tells me as I climb out the car and look up at the school.

"Yu Qing High School." A sign read.

I smiled, knowing I'd make good memories here, and hopefully new friends as well.

"Okay, thankyou grandfather." I say, bowing to him before turning to Mr. Han.

"Siyang practices with his team after school everyday, so I'll just walk home with him. Thankyou for driving me today." I say, as I bow to him as well.

"Anytime, Miss Yu. Call me if anything." He tells me as he walks back to the driver seat, climbing into the limo before pulling away from the school.

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