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(Picture is Landon)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 8 ~ Feel at home

It was my second time going to the Simpson's house, and I had to admit I was sort of excited. For one, it was much brighter out as it was only 4:00pm, so the house itself didn't give such an eerie feel. And I was with Walter, so I felt much more welcome.

When we stepped in we were greeted by the pounding bass coming from upstairs, some sort of rnb music.

"The triplets," Walter mumbled.

We walked in further, and that's when we heard the screaming.

Walter froze, "Coral?"

I stood beside him, "Yeah?"

"I hope you don't mind staying down here, I'm just gonna check what that was." Walter said frowning.


Walter walked forward to the living room, "Just stay in here, I wont be long."

My answer was drowned out by another scream, making us both flinch. It was definitely a male voice.

"Be right back." Walter muttered. And he dissapeared up the stairs.

What the hell was going on? Should I be worried?

I opened the door to the living room, and jumped when I saw that it wasn't empty. To my luck, only two brothers were in there. Gomez was in the armchair leaning across to show Landon an expensive looking watch. They stopped talking when they saw me, and Gomez slipped the watch into his pocket.

"Hey..." I stood by the door, not quite sure what to do. Was this what Gomez had stolen today?

Landon cracked a smile. Even though I'd only seen him once and briefly, he seemed a little happy to see me. Or maybe I was imagining it. "Come sit! Feel at home, we don't bite!" He said in a deep smooth voice, that sounded a bit like Walter's.

I smiled back, and sat down on my own leather sofa. You couldn't even hear the noise in here.

Gomez grinned at me, "Who was your friend today? At the canteen."

I shook my head, smiling at the memory, "Her name is Hayley, and she's too old for you." I added.

Gomez nodded to himself, digesting my information. Upstairs I heard a big thump, but the boys didn't seem to care.

"So are you here with Walter again?" Landon asked me.


"Why do you like Walter so much anyway?" Landon questioned, stretching his legs out his sofa.

"I don't." I tried to deny.

"You do," Landon and Gomez said in unison.

"I don't," I was smiling now.

"Okay fine, why are you so fond of Walter?" Landon asked smirking, his lip ring catching the light.

I shrugged giving up, "He's really nice."

"Nice?!" Gomez burst out.

"What?" I asked.

The two brothers shared a look. "Do you wanna know what he's like when he's mad? Which, if I may add, can happen any time." Landon said.

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