Chapter 3 'The Family Knows'

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*Abby writes journal, grumbly*

"No man can lose what he never had." - Izaak Walton
NOT TRUE. I lost my hair and my haircut! They're in the bathroom garbage pail nestled in with Band-Aids, Q-Tips, and disposable razors.
What I had (and lost):
A hairdo.
What I have (and wish I could lose):
A scare-do.
Can't tape, glue or paste my hair together again! (I tried though.)
(Now understand how Humpty-Dumpty felt.)
News flash! Horrible Hair Hidden Under Hot Hat!
What will Abby Hayes do? Stay tuned for further reports!
This is Abby again. (I wish it wasn't.)
I wish I was Natalie with short hair.
I wish I was Jessica with long, straight hair.
I wish I was Brianna with perfect hair.

What I Look Like:
1. A lawn mower ran over my head.
2. I cut my hair blindfolded.

Solutions (I hope):
1. Glue hat to head.
(Too hot, hair won't grow right.)
2. Shave head.
(Will look like a newborn baby or male mexican wrestler.)
3. Buy wig?
(It's not halloween.)
4. Don't come out of room until hair grows back.
(Will miss spring & summer!)
I want my hair back, NOW.
Later Thursday night:
Jessica dropped off my homework. Alex brought it upstairs. I was reading a chapter from a book, Tuck Everlasting. It was pretty good. It was helping me forget my problems when mom knocked on the door.
Mom: Abby? Can I come in?
Abby is a ten-year-old girl recovering from the flu. She is wearing purple pajamas her curly orange hair has a ragged appearance. At the sound of her mother's voice, Abby grabs a wool hat.
Abby: Yeah..
Olivia Hayes is a lawyer and a mother of four. She is carrying a shower cap and a pair of scissors. A few strands of orange curls dangle from her hand. As she enters the room, she looks suspiciously at the wool hat on her daughter's head.
Mom: Hi, Abby.
Abby: Uhh.. Hi, M-Mom..
Mom: How are you feeling?
Abby (Tries to look innocent): Congested.
Mom: I found these scissors and shower cap and this hair in the bathroom.
Abby: Really?
Mom: Mmm-hmm.
Abby (Puts on an astonished expression): That's amazing.
Mom: Is that all you have to say?
Abby: Yes.
Mom: What's underneath that wool hat, Abby?
Abby (Shooks head): Not much..
Mom: Take it off.
Abby removes cap slowly.
Mom: I can't believe this.
*Mom leaves room and enters back with Isabel*
Mom: Isabel did a good job of cutting my hair once. You can trust her.
Isabel: I know what to do.
Abby: No! Don't touch my hair.
Isabel: Yeah.. I didn't want to cut it anyways. Your hair is curly. Mom's is straight.
*Eva enters*
Eva: What's all the commotion about?
Abby: My monster hair. Or MMH for short.
Eva (Laughing): Did you let a baby cut your hair?
Abby: This is why I didn't want you guys to know. You would just make fun of me.
*Paul Hayes enters*
Dad: Hair today, gone tomorrow!
Abby: Yeah, that's so funny I forgot to laugh.

*Abby closes journal*

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