Dear Diary, 
i found that Madrid was very good. But now I'm sitiing at the airport, again and wait for our fly.
We go back to Buenos Aires! That is good. Because.. Maybe I will find someone who tells me more about mothers life there. Papa say nothing and....

German: Violetta? What are you doing here? We wait for you... 1 hour!

Violetta: Sorry Papa.. but I really don't want to see Jade again.. she is the devil!

German: Stop saying that.. I...


German: Come on Vilu. We must..

Violetta taked her diary and go with her father in the plain. 

Paggy: Okay Violetta, we have 5 hours to learn a little bit french and geographie...

Violetta: NO! Please... I will only sit, listen to my music and read... not learn. IN THE PLAIN!

Paggy: *look out of the window* It is your future and...

German: Paggy stop. She won't? Okay! Let her!

Violetta: Thank you Papa.. I will go to take some water..

She stands up and go to the plain kittchen. A boy come to her.

Anton: Hello girl. Can I know what your name is?

Violetta: I am Violetta, and you?

Anton: My name is Anton.

Violetta: Do you live in Buenos Aires?

Anton: No... my grandma died and we fly to the funereal..

Violetta: Oh.. I am sorry. It would be great if I know someone there.. but okay

She laugh takes a water and go back to her seat. German stand up and go to Anton

German: Listen boy.. This girl you talked is danger. Don't talk to her or it can be that you die please safe your life and don't talk. Thank you!

Anton stand there with an open mouth and was shocked but German was happy and go back to his seat.

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