15// Tori

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Taking a deep breath in and out as I focus my eyes on the sky above me. Everything that was just said in that room behind me, is currently lodged in my head right now.

What if Derek and Jack cases are connect to me? I've always believed in coincidences that one single action is just a random moment, a random choice.
But more then one is a pattern.

But what if it's not? They are so many coincidences that's circling around me.

Derek words echoing in my head.

Seven years, Seven girls.

They look like you.

They disappear around 19th august.

The yellow roses.

The notes.

A lot of things are happening that can't just be a coincidence, and if it's not then all that has happen in the last seven years is my fault, those missing girls, those victims it's all my fault.

How do I live with that? How do I make amends for that? I know Grace and the others will tell me that it isn't my fault, that it's the monster who took them and maybe in a way they are right too. But it started with me and that feeling will never go away, not now that I know all of this.

Maybe there is something I can do though? Maybe I can get justice for the girls, maybe I could draw the bastard out.

Ripping out of my own thoughts and stormed back into the house, just as all eyes snapped to me as I announce.

"Use me as bait".

Grace, Jack, Deacon and Derek all keep their stare on me, Grace looks pissed as hell at me for even saying such a thing, Deacon wasn't fair behind her, Jack looked impressed maybe?

And Derek....well Derek facial expression doesn't give anything away, he never does, and I've only known him a short period of time.

"Victoria Winters are you out of your damn mind? No way?" Grace yelled towards me, shaking my head, and let out a deep sigh.

I knew she would have a problem with this, but if I am connected to this, then I can't sit around and do nothing, I can't flee town and forget it every happened, I won't do that.

"Yeah, listen to your best friend Tori, this is dangerous" Deacon chipped in,

"Thank you for that caption obvious...." I mocked, I know that this is a stupid plan, and it is dangerous, and it might not even work, but I can't do nothing and if the roles were reserve, they would do the same.

Ignoring both Deacon and Grace's scowls and moved to step closer to Derek and Jack, it's their case, they are the detectives, it's their call.

"You guys don't have any leads I'm guessing nor no suspects. This asshole is going to come after me regardless of if.  I stay or not, you both know that...so let's draw him out first instead" I said firmly to them both,

"You two can't be considering this, right? Jack tell her no and that she's crazy" Grace yelled from behind me, but I keep my stare on them.

"I can't do that Grace because she's right. If he wants her, he's going to come for her, but if we do it her way.... our own way we might have a chance to catch him" He says to her, nodding my head at him and then moved my gaze to Derek, who hasn't said anything at all, he's just stayed silent, listening to it all.

"And what if you can't? what if it goes wrong and he fucking gets her anyways" She shouted louder this time, she's my family and I'm hers, I'm the only person in this world she trusts, so I understand her concern but it' not enough to not make me do this.

"I swear on my own life I won't let that happen, Grace...." Derek speaks up for the first time since I walked back in, meeting his gaze that was solely locked on me.

"I trust him...." I said keeping my eyes only on Derek. He looks at me and nods his head slowly.

Turning around to face my best friend and sighed at her.

"I've gotta do this Gracie" she takes a second to look at me and then shook her head in defeat.

"I know you do, it's who you are, I just can't decide if it makes you brave or stupid" She replied, giving her a small smile.

"Maybe both" I agreed,

"As I do this I need you to go back to California"

"No way, if you're here than I'm here" She argued with me, shaking my head towards her, I need her to not be in River-Cove right now.

She could get hurt or worse to get to me, she could be used as lavage, she's already gone through so much these last few years, she doesn't need be used by a psycho to get to me, I can't have that on my conscience.

"I can't focus on the task at hand, if I worried about you getting caught in the crossfire" I explained,

"Tori.... we may not be blood but we're family, you need to be safe"

"I know and I will be, but I need you to not be here"

"She's right you're a distraction" Derek speaks up, Grace shoots him a glare.

"Fine I will leave tomorrow, but you better check in with me every morning and every night or I will be back here with your father and half of his old police force" Grace threatened and then she turns her gaze to Derek and said,

"Her safety is in your hands, jeopardize that and she gets hurt or worse. Detective or not, I will come for you pretty-boy, do I make myself clear"

"Understood" He replies to her with such seriousness. Grace nods her at him, in respect.

Throwing my eyes back to Derek one more time and just looked at him for a moment, this is it, my choice is made and I'm just hoping he can keep his word, because we're in this together now.

Time to put your game face on Tori...

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