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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 


Sherlock- Say what you want John, we all know it is true. 

Watson- Prove it, name 1 thing that connects me to him.

Sherlock- Well, for starters, he does that thing with his fingers. You know, the bit where he puts his middle finger up when he is pissed.

Watson- I do not do that! 

Sherlock- Remember when I came back to life, so to speak. I spoke to one of your clients and he said you did. Don't deny it. 

Watson- Argh! Sherlock!!! 

Watson lef the chatroom 

Sherlock- Wow, I guess he is angry with me deducing that he is talking to Mary now...

Mary M joined the chat

Mary M- What have to done to John?

Sherlock- See...


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