Chapter 1 -My mates secret life

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Chapter 1

I  gave a yawn loudly as I woke up to go to work. I looked at my clock beside my bed table and noticed that the time was 5pm.  

"Damn I'm gonna be late." I murmured to myself. This is not how I wanted week to go. I work the night shift at a private hospital. The hospital was a pack hospital so only pack members are allowed there. No humans. We do have a human section that is there for the odd stray human that arrives thinking we would let them in on their government health benefit or thinking their money can buy them everything. Unless its an emergency they are allowed to stay till they are stable enough to leave to go.

After a wash and getting dressed in my nursing clothes I walked down the stairs and out of my apartment building block. I smiled at the doorman as I left.

I looked up into the night air. The night was cloudy and only half a moon could be seen. It was a bit chilly so I pulled my coat tightly closer around me to add in the extra bit of warmth.

The hospital was only a thirty minute walk from my place. I normally do that in fifteen minutes. This time I decided to go to get some Caribbean take out before work. The lady was really friendly when i entered the shop.

"The same as usual Lisa?" She greeted me as soon as I came in. The woman was human. Orignally from the island of Jamaica. 

"Yes, Thank you Letica." I took out my purse to pay for the items.

"You on your way to work?" She asked as she handed me the bag. "Its very  hard for me to get into that place for healthcare."

I gave her a small laugh of my own. "Trust me your not the only one." I thanked her and left. It was hard for me to be myself around humans. As we always have to be on our guard not to let slip anything that may lead to the knowlege about our species.  I only had a handful of human friends and that was enough for me. I prefer to be surrounded by people of my pack. People that are able to understand me better with no secrets being hidden.

Working in the ER can be stressful. When I finished nursing school the pack gave me this job straight away. Three years later I'm still here. I was chosen as a career as a nurse for pack purposes. When you finish high school the pack decides what profession they are short on in the pack and gives you an option of choosing which one you want to be. I was offered a medical career or one of engineering. 

When I entered the pack Hospital ER I looked around the small ER room to find just two teenage wolves that got into a fight earlier. On who was going to take the she wolf Stacey to the ball.  

Lets say a broken leg and arm later she decided to take another wolf who she deemed mature enough to date her. I smiled as I taken their blood pressures.

Tom had his leg in a cast. He looked over sadly at Mike who had his left arm in a cast. These two use to be best friends before.  

I sat between them. "You guys use to be such good friends what happened?"

I moved my head to looked between the two of them. "So come on. You guys almost killed each other."

"It's his fault." Tom mumbled. His arms crossed over his chest. Eyes looking down Into his lap.

"No it's not." Mike glared at Tom. "I told him I like Stacey and he went and asked her to the ball. What sort of friend does that!"

"I asked you Mike if you was going to ask her and you said no. So I asked her!" Tom shouted back.

Mike looked at me first before he responded. "I told you I liked her." He said deeply. I could tell that took a lot for him to say.

"You like Stacey. You like Cindy. You like Karla. You like Marisa. If I didn't ask all the girls you like I couldn't go with anyone to the ball."

I nodded my head at this Tom does have a point.

"I... I. Erm " Mike stuttered.

I thought this would of been a good point to intervene

"Mike. You should of told Tom how much you like her as she is not your mate he cannot know just how much she meant to you.  

Tom you asked Mike if he was gonna ask her so you must of known he liked her a bit more so you could of asked him how HE felt if you would of asked her to the Christmas ball. "

I got up to leave those two boys alone to talk. I could see they needed it. As soon as I entered the emergency area the Alpha and his enforcers comes rushing in with three wounded men.

My adrenaline started pumping as I they placed an unconscious man on my table. I could see that his arm is broken and his shoulder is out of place. He had numerous of cuts all over his head.  

As I leaned over to clean his cut I inhaled his heavenly scent. Mate  

My mate. I found him.

My wolf tried to push herself to the forefront of my mind but I pushed her back I have to be in control to treat him.

"What happened" I asked the alpha as I started to stitch close the wound on his abdomen.

"The men thought he was a rogue. But he from from the moonstone pack. He was sent here for a message. The men thought he was someone else"

I didn't glance up at my alpha. Afraid that I go against instinct and do him some damage as he hurt my mate.

With shaking hands. I cleaned him up best I could the waited while the doctor and the men pop his arm back Into socket.

"How's your patient?'' Sarah asked me. She was the sister on for the shift.

"He is okay. Just cuts and bruises and dislocated shoulder I placed an iv in his arm to administer anagelsia in order to dull the pain for when. He awakens. The alpha didn't tell me his name."

I questioned to Sarah. I know this is bad but I didn't even know my mates name. I haven't left his room since he got here. I know the other must know I'm acting strange. But I cannot help it. I am drawn to this man. He complete me and my wolf. I need him to open his eyes. To become awake.

As soon as Sarah opened her mouth I heard a gasp. I quickly moved over to the table to see him try to sit up. Pulling at his iv line.

"Stop this." I said quietly as I placed my hand on his arm. Electric sparks tingled up my arm. Then my eyes locked on to his dark brown ones

"Mate." He growled. His eyes were intense Identifying me as his. i felt like i was drowning in his pits of his chocolate brown eyes

Now my whole world is complete

"Mate." I answered.

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