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Sherlock skyped Wattpad and couldn't be bothered to talk.... Instead he typed a message.

Good evening wattpad people. I am at home at 221B trying to solve some puzzles and since you do not concern yourself with my trivia's, I might as well concern myself with yours... 

I do not read fanfiction since I do not believe in false stories, John has showed me the ridiculous article on Bachelor John Watson, Hatman and Robin, deducing I am Hatman as I was mistaken by wearing that stupid hat. 

I must go I have a call from Lestrade, something about a robbery in 3 different places, how interesting that he chooses me. He thinks that I am an asshole. And I probably mentioned that he tells me to piss off, but erm ... there you go. 

Of course my FRIEND John Watson, was very nice to oblige to being my partner in crime.. 

Have a good evening. 

- SH 

And just to let you know that ScarCumberbatch is writing a story... Called Bloody Benedict. 

What a nice murder case... 

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