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Xavier pulls me to the side the next day. His face is solemn, his eyes wide. My skin tingles as he touches my wrist. 

        "About yesterday..." He starts. I bite my lip, a forbidden anger pulsing under me.

        "It was a mistake," I finish for him. He nods silently.

        "I know. It just felt...right," He says. I let out a deep breath. 

        "You have a wife," I intercede, "She wouldn't like this. I didn't like this" He wraps his arms around my waist, and kisses my forehead. 

        "Meet me tonight, at ten." I don't want to meet this man. When I close my eyes I can feel hhis body, hard and unwavering on top of me. So I remove myself.

I take the broom out of the closet, but the rest of supplies falls with a loud crash.

        "Are you alright?" Angela asks, as she steps down the hall.

        "Oh, yes. I am fine," I say. She gives me a delicate grin.

        "Can... I tell you something?" She asks.

        "Yes... Ma'ame," I say, the word is like bile in my throat. I am no ones slave. It's a part I must play.

        "I think I love him." I still feel his lips on my neck. How could someone love such a monster. How could my mother love my father? How did I love Nathaniel? Fate plays cruel games.

        "What?"  I ask, surprise in my voice.

        "Xavior. I don't know him well, but I already love him," She insists. I cringe. Perhaps this distraction is what I need. All I know is that I can not meet him at 10. And I won't.

I must escape. And tonight I will.

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