Chapter 4

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Apple's POV

(Lol jk it can't think, it's an apple. Duh)

Draco's POV


Why us?

Why is everything in the world trying to keep us apart?

I thought I would get through this year because I have my apple by my side, but everything is trying to take it away from me!

My apple looks glossier than usual, like it's been crying. How is it, that one can look so beautiful even when they're so sad?

"Don't worry, my precious apple. We will get through this. One day we'll have our happily ever after, but for now we need to figure out what to do."

I packed all my black suits (and my leather mini skirt for emergencies) into my trunk to get ready for a voyage to find the second most perfect apple in the world. I obviously wasn't going to give away my precious perfect apple, so hopefully the second most perfect apple will work for Voldemort.


I have been travelling for days and nights with my apple and there's no sign of another apple even CLOSE to the beauty and perfection my apple beholds. I trudge my feet in defeat and qUiVer with worry of what will become of my apple if I have to give it to Voldemort.

Suddenly, an idea strikes me.

"Accio, apples!"

For a moment, nothing happens. A few moments pass when I see something in the distance. It's a flock of birds, no, a bunch of planes, no...


I cradle my apple to protect it from getting crushed by all the apples heading for us and I am engulfed by them. My father will hear about this if I ever get out of here! These blasted apples will pay! I open my eyes and all I see is darkness. I can't breathe. I realize I am going to die here.

At least I'll die with the most precious love of my life, my apple.

I stand here for half an hour waiting for death to just get here already, when I realize that, oh wait, I can literally do magic.

I struggle to move and grab my wand (THE ONE IN MY POCKET, YOU FREAKS) and I cast a spell to lift me high into the sky.


I sigh in relief when I am flung to the surface. I land on the ground and turn to smile at my appl- WHERE IS MY APPLE!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!?!??>?!?!?!?!?!?!??@>?>Q

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