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Chapter 6

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Jenn had ordered some take out and a two large pizzas before it got too late so they sat in her living room and waited.

The food was ordered at the same time so the Chinese food guy froze when he came around the corner and the pizza guy was already there. The look on his face was priceless. Jenn described it to Iggy later by mimicking the expression and placing his hand on her face. They laughed a good bit after that.

They stayed up really late eating and chatting about anything that came to mind.

"So how'd you get mixed up with the uh...?"

"'Zoolander'?" Jenn asked, laughing a bit. Iggy nodded. "I met him when I first moved here. He was just sooooo dreamy." Jenn said, mockingly. Iggy fidgeted uncomfortably for a moment and Jenn realized he couldn't see her sarcastic expression.


"He just said all the right things to me. I was young and new to the big city. We dated for like a month but trust me; I learned real quick what guys like him do to girls like me."

"...What did he do to you?" Iggy asked hesitantly.

"He made me fall," she said simply. "But the thing was that he wasn't there to catch me."


"So what about you then, Iggs? Do you have a girl back home?"

What was 'home'?

"Well there was this one girl. Ella. She accepted my family and me. She really liked me." He laughed to himself, "She was my first kiss."

Jenn smiled at his nostalgic expression. "How old were you?"


"Wow," Jenn mused.


"Nothing. It's just I was like 17 when I had my first kiss."

"How?" Iggy found himself blurting out. His eyes got big and he covered his mouth but Jenn just laughed.

"I mean it wasn't my decision. No one really seemed to want anything to do with me until..." she gently touched the skin around her eyes.

"Until what?"

"Oh. Until I moved here."

They quietly ate until Jenn thought of something and broke the silence.

"You mentioned your family earlier. You don't talk about them much."

"There's really not much to tell. I mean I was adopted... there were six of us and our dad -well foster father- and then he died. After that I was raised by my sister, Max. She was the oldest. Not by much, though."

Iggy told Jenn about his family. Carefully avoiding the mutant freak part, of course.

Jenn then told Iggy about her family back in Texas.

She also explained why she knows so much about raptors. "I've always wanted to fly," she said, her mind clearly in the clouds. "Then I could go anywhere I wanted without having to pay an insane fee. And I could feel the wind in my hair."

Iggy was not expecting anything close to this to come out of her mouth. He was in such shock that he couldn't even conceive a proper response.

"Silly, I know, but I've wanted to ever since I was a kid. I just wanted to get away, you know?" She sighed, tossing her head over the back of the couch and staring at the ceiling.

"Yeah..." Iggy said quietly. "I know."

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