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Chapter Twenty-Eight| Dario

She's kissing me.

My baby is kissing me!

I kiss her back and thread my fingers through her soft hair. She then pulls back and gives me a sheepish smile.

She's so fucking cute.

"Can I stay with you again tonight?" She tilts her head and I grin.

"Baby, you can stay with me forever." I kiss her chin and she smiles.

She bites her lip and then climbs back into the passenger seat.

"I really have missed you." She turns to look at me and I respond by grabbing her hand and placing a small kiss onto the back of it. "H-Have you had any girlfriends?" She stutters and I chuckle lightly.

"Princess, the thought of sleeping with any woman that's not you repulses me. So to answer your question, no I haven't." I tell her and she nods her head gently.

"Cane wouldn't sleep with me."

"Thank God." I blurt out and then quickly cover my mouth after I realise what I just said and how it might have come across. "I-Erm.....I didn't meant it like that, what I mean is it's good that you didn't because he's an idiot, you know? I'm gonna shut up now."

"It's okay." She laughs and I release a small sigh of relief. "You have a point. You were actually the last guy I slept with." She shrugs and my eyes widen.

"Really?" She nods and I give her a huge smile.

I switch the car engine on and begin the drive back to my penthouse. I am left surprised when Leona grabs hold of my hand and puts it in her lap. I take a quick glance at her to see her staring out the window as she twists the rings around my fingers.

I smile to myself.

"You hungry? I can stop somewhere before we go home." I question.

", it's okay." She whispers.

I know she's finally realised that Cane is a bad person but I also know it's going to take a while for her to grow out of these habits that she's developed because of him. It won't just happen over night but I will help her.

"I fancy a burger." I speak up, indicating to turn into a McDonald's. We go through the drive-thru and I begin to order as much food as I can.

"You're going to eat all that?" Leona whispers, staring at me with wide eyes as we wait and I smirk.

"I got food for us, baby." She smiles and nods her head.

"Thanks." She whispers shyly and I lean forward to kiss the side of her head. "I haven't had McDonald's in ages."

"What?! Princess, we used to have it all the time!" I exclaim in shock and the look on her face causes the anger to build again. "Cane?"

"Cane." She repeats. "Piece of shit." I smirk.

That's my girl.

Piece of shit he is.

Now we find ourselves sat on my living room floor stuffing our face with McDonald's with a film playing in the background.

"Mmm, this is so good." Leona moans as she bites into her burger and I gulp having the desire to have her moaning underneath me as I fuck her hard.

Not now Dario.

"You like that, baby?" I question her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She nods her head with a mouthful of food in her mouth.

She swallows and then begins to speak. "I need to have a shower."

"Well, you know where it is and the towels." I nod, wishing I could join her.

"Did you want to join me?" I nearly choke on the last bite of my burger.

"W-What?" I cough and she giggles.

"Join me?" She tilts her head innocently and I'm quickly clearing the rubbish before grabbing her hand and dragging us to the bathroom.

"I've always loved this bathroom. The black interior just makes things so much more.....intimate. You know?" She turns to look back at me as she runs her fingers along the marble sink.

"Yeah." I release a shaky breath, feeling myself starting to get hard.

"And the window overlooking the city." She walks over to the window and looks out at the city skyline.

I watch as she begins to strip until she is left standing in her black lace lingerie. She watches me for my reaction and I watch as her face falls a little and she begins to cover up.

I'm too shocked at her beauty to give her a reaction.

"Rio?" She whispers and I slowly step towards the beauty until I am standing right in front of her.

"You're wonderful as always. So beautiful." I whisper and her smile returns.

"Really?" She stares up at me with wide eyes and I grin nodding my head.

Then I begin to undress in front of her, including my boxers. She's looks me up and down and bites her lip and then she makes the bold move of stepping on her tip-toes and pulling me into a kiss, wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

I don't hesitate to kiss her back and she moans into my mouth as I run my fingers up and down her back before unclasping her bra. I pull away to fully remove it and release a groan as I see her breasts on full view, her nipples hard.

"Fuck, baby." I whisper.

I watch as she steps out of her underwear until she is bare in front of me and then she pulls me into a kiss again. I lift her up so she can wrap her legs around me and then I step into the shower our lips still attached.

I search blindly for the tap and switch the it on, luckily the water is already warm and it doesn't disturb us from our intimate act

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I search blindly for the tap and switch the it on, luckily the water is already warm and it doesn't disturb us from our intimate act.

"You're in my arms." I whisper against her lips.

My Leona is in my arms. Where she belongs, back with me.

"I'll keep you safe forever, I promise." I tell her and she nods her head, running her fingers through my wet hair.

We just hold each other, enjoying the silence, knowing that we are back together.

Knowing that we will bring Cane down together and give him what he deserves.

And trust me, it's nothing good.


I walk into my bedroom and smile gently as I see Leona laying on her back as she stares at the ceiling, her hands resting across her stomach.

"You okay?" I question and she sits up on her elbows and nods her head.

She pats the empty side next to her and I make my way over and lay down next to her. Now we are both staring at the ceiling.

I feel her grab my hand and the words that come out of her mouth next make my eyes water.

"I love you, Rio."


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