will you be my pillow? (dream)

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We walk up the front porch stairs that lead into this huge house I have never seen before. As we walk in, I realize there is so much more people here than I thought there would be. Everyone seems to have some sort of drink in their hand, sipping it or chugging it.

Naturally, my friends that I came with led me straight to the kitchen, and started pouring drinks. And as the alcoholic I am, I do too. 

We all walk over to one of the couches in the living room, and start talking to some new people that I don't recognize. 

I was sitting on the side of the couch, trying to engage myself in the conversation. I end up scanning the room, to try and find someone I know.  My eyes lock onto one specific guy who is standing in a group. He was beautiful.

He has dirty blonde hair, and greenish blue eyes. He is super tall compared to everyone around him, almost looking like a giant. He is dressed up pretty comfily, in grey sweats and a plain white t-shirt. His sneakers need a lot of work though- the fuck is he wearing? Worn out black Nike shoes that look 10 years old? Besides the shoes, the fit goes hard when it's on him. 

He started laughing at something his friend said, and continued to gulp down the drink in his hand and then pushing the hair out of his eyes. 

Stop staring, he is going to notice. 

But I can't take my eyes off of him. 

Before I can react, he is walking over to where my friends and I are sitting. Shit, did he notice?

He goes and daps up one of the people I don't recognize, and introduces himself to everyone else. 

"Hey, I'm Clay." He says, glancing at me.

We all introduce ourselves, including me.

All of us talk and chill for a bit, and then Clay asks if we all should play beer pong. 

Me being the absolute dumbass I am, automatically speaks up. "I'm down." 

He looks at me and gives me a small smile as other people agree to play. We walk over where everything is set up, and start picking partners. I turn around to see everyone paired up, except me. What the fuck happened to my friends?

I see him say something to one of his friends and then starts to walk over to me. 

"Yo, do you need a partner?" He looks at me, genuine. 

I'm surprised I managed to form a sentence. "Yea no I don't , I'm sorry I don't need to play if it's an uneven number."

"No- you're playing. I'll be your partner." He says and winks. 

What the fuck is happening right now?

We play the game for the next hour, just laughing and drinking. I can feel the alcohol burn my throat every time I pick up a cup, but I don't mind it. Clay is actually really funny, we bounce off of each other really well. 

It's getting near the end of the game, and we end up winning, just barely. In the heat of the moment and everyone laughing and cheering, Clay picks me up on his shoulders and parades me around the room. With everyone chanting our names, and me still on Clay's shoulders, everything feels surreal. It's so different to just meet someone and connect with them so fast like me and Clay did. 

When the party winds down and a lot of people leave, me and Clay just sit on the couch and talk for what seems like ten minutes. But when I look over at the clock I see it's been two hours since most people left, and it's 4am.

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