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At first I was just plain confused maby it was overrun maby there hiding , hmmm , I saw cris running into a small house , why is he running ... oh .. oh crap , a big was chasing him , ugh ... this wont be easy

I got on the roof of the house and yelled , HEY ... (stab) YOU AIN'T SO BIG NOW , I threw the stick at his leg and he tried to climb up so I stabbed his finger and suddenly the door opened someone threw a gun up and it closed , oh .. a double barrel 6 bullets I shot him twice and he got mad he grabbed my leg I shot him twice more he pulled harder I shot twice missed once , YOU CAN'T KILL ME , I stabed his eye he fell and I saw a random shell on the ground I put it in and shot his other eye , ha ha ... ugh no .. you .. can't ... ugh , I lost all energy and fell asleep

I woke up and I was in some huge under ground facility , were ... we're am I , Rebecca: your in the base , cris: did you honestly think up there was it , well sorta ... when I first saw it I was very confused , Rebecca: what happened to the big , It tried to ram me but I moved and he ran off , cris: was he dead right after , no , both: NO, Rebecca: WHAT how after he fell what happened , I shot him once and he died cris: well we should head out

3 months later 4 bullets 24 walkers 2 people , trapped , not much food left no help

Also I figured out THERS a MARK at the beginning

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