Chris Motionless Love Story Chapter 1

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Belladonna's POV

Chris Motionless is kissing me. What the fuck? He has me against the bus, hands on my hips, lip rings against mine; truthfully, I don't want it to end. Then the door opened.

"Fuck." Chris mumbled pulling away. "Hey Balz! Can you take her home?"

"Yeah sure wha-" Balz replied but was interrupted.

"Thanks! Bye guys!" He got on the tour bus without another word.

"Shall we?" Balz said.

"Kay." I said as we started walking towards my house.

"Do I dare even ask?" He said awkwardly.

"I don't even know."

"You know you got lipstick on your mouth..." He said after a few seconds with a laugh.

"Yeah that's usually where it goes." I replied sarcastically.

"Yeah but it's Chris's lipstick."

"Fuck!" I said wiping my mouth on the back of my hand.

"Wanna tell me what happened now?"

"Well uh he kissed me..." I said looking down.

"Wow. Did you like it?"

"Uhm yeah."

"I didn't even know he liked you like that."

"Me either. I can't say I mind too much I just wish he didn't just take off like that."

"You know what Chris is like. He likes to keep things private. He's not being an asshole just safe."

"Yeah I suppose." I said as we got to my driveway. My dad was waiting by the garage.

"Well I'll drop you off at work tomorrow and we can talk about it on the way there alright?"

"Yeah sure. Thanks love." I said smiling and hugging him.

"Your dad looks pissed." He whispered in my ear.

"I know."I laughed still hugging him.

"I like it."

"Whatever I'll see you in the morning." I said letting go finally.

"Alright bye hun." He said kissing my cheek and leaving.

"You're late." My dad said dryly.

"And?" I said walking past him.

"Knock your shit off. I'm your father and I shouldn't be disrespected like this all the time! I told you to be back at 10 and it's almost 11!"

"You don't deserve respect. You're a fucking drunk. Also it's not my fault I'm late! You took my phone!"

"Have it back." He said tossing my precious iPhone (which I pay for) at me. I caught it like a ninja.

"Don't throw my stuff around dick-fuck." I said walking up to the door.


"Don't fucking call me that! You're not allowed to! You can only call me by first name!" I could see Balz standing at the corner watching us argue. He was so protective and I was great full.

"Whatever! And I told you I don't like when you hang out with those guys. They're too old for you."

"Yeah well your girlfriend is too young for you so what does it matter how old my friends are? I'm almost 18 almost an adult. Just 16 more days Cody and you can't tell me who I can and can't hang out with." I walked in the house, slammed the door, and went to my room. After a few minutes I decided to text Balz since my phone was back.