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            “The murder suicide that happened late last night here in Downtown Atlanta has left the entire city and most importantly the world in shock. Aspiring Model, Tavi Torres was found last night stabbed to death after the neighbor heard terrifying screams coming from her apartment. The body of superstar basketball player, Rashad Allen was found in the bathroom, overdosed on Heroin. This horrendous crime have left people pained and clung on to their loved ones, cherishing every moment they have with them… Tavi Torres, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a family member, will truly be missed.”







            “Ms. Torres… Ms.Torres,”

            The snap and the flash of the Polaroid camera in my eyes caused me to snap out of my thoughts and look at the nurse standing before me. She had a ninety degree angle ruler in her hand, a camera, and a stethoscope around her neck. Her pink scrubs went perfectly with her pale skin, freckles and ginger hair to match.

            “Hm?” I hummed when I realized that she was calling my name.

            “You’re all done,” she smiled and walked over to the desk in the room. She wrote down on some paper and then looked up at me. “I’ll just go get a detective so you can put in your statement and—,”

            “What’s going on?” I mumbled looking around. I feel like I just woke up from the most realistic dream of my life. My head was throbbing and I couldn’t tell if it was because of the bruise on my face or my vision I just woke up from.

            The nurse sighed, “Ms. Torres with all due respect, you’ve been coming to this emergency room about three time a month, it’s clear—,”

            “I know,” I murmured, “can you just go and get the detective?”

            The nurse smiled, “yes, I’ll do that,”

            She gave me one last look and then removed herself from the hospital room. I shivered at the cold feeling that was moving up my back and through my arms. The burning sensation on my side and under my eyes caused me to silently wince at the pain. It was like I was having an epiphany, of my vision, premonition, nightmare, day dream, whatever it was, that I had about the future.

            It seemed so flamboyant, so vivid, and so real that I almost thought it was. When the nurse called my name I finally came to on what was going on. Although it wasn’t real, god is giving me a second chance and I need to take it while it’s being handed to me.

            I smiled a little to myself as someone knocked on the door and a suited detective walked into the room, putting his hand out for me to shake. “Hey how are you? I’m detective John.”

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