Ross Lynch Love Story

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"Jo wait!" yelled Ross. I just kept on running. A bunch of fans blocked Ross' way. So I ran some more & sat on a bench & cried & cried. I really didn't care if I was getting all wet because of the rain. I decided to get up & go home. I walked home. When I got in I went straight to the shower since I was all wet. I showered. I couldn't stop crying. I went to my room to get my diary & write some stuff down. I walked inside my Ross/R5/JB filled room. I cried harder when I saw all the Ross things. 2 hours later I was still crying. I heard a knock on the door. I opened it. It was Rydel. I immediatly turned around & said "Uh w-what are you doing here?" "Well I was wondering if you knew what happened to Ross because he locked himself in his room & I think hes crying & he wont tell me why. Do you know?" I didn't say anything. I just sniffed. Rydel turned me around. "Are you crying too?" she asked. I just looked down. "Why are you crying? I want to know because I see you as a sister & I care about you." Rydel said. "R-Ross is cheating on me. The latest issue of people said it & it showed photos of Ross kissing a girl." I said. Rydel looked shocked & said "Why would he do that?" "I don't know." I said. "You know what lets just change the topic!"

Rydel said. "Yeah lets talk about hot celebrity guys!" I said. "Totally!" said Rydel. "I love Justin Bieber!" I said. "Me too he is so hot!" Rydel said. "Yay you're a Belieber!" I said. "Guess what? I have 2 tickets to see JB in concert! That's one of the reasons I came to see if you wanted to come along. Its in a week!" Rydel said. "SHUT UP! OMStars I can't wait" I said. "See you totally forgot about what happened see Justin always solves everything!" Rydel said. I laughed. "I gotta go my mom needs me bye!" Rydel said. "Okay Bye!" I said. Rydel left. I went to check my phone & saw 20 missed calls & 35 text messages from Ross. I began to cry again. *At the Lynch house* Rydel banged on Ross' door. "OPEN UP! I just got back from Jo's." Rydel said. Ross opened & let her in. "You really broke her heart Ross. Why did you do that to her?" Rydel said. "I don't know. I'm such an idiot how could I do this to her? I really love her. Wait what if I go see her?" Ross said as he left the house. *With me* I was listening to The Script when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it & saw it was Ross.

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