Chapter 14

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The next morning, Iggy awoke and felt someone else on the bed. At first he tensed up, but then he remembered that Jenn had come over the night before.

He slowly got up, trying not to wake her. He headed to the kitchen and started making breakfast. He was so glad he had bought more food the day before.

Jenn woke up a few minutes later to the smell of eggs. She slowly sat up and Iggy greeted her.

"Good Morning."

"Morning," she said sleepily and rubbing her eyes.

"I hope you like eggs."

"Wait, you're fixing breakfast?"

"Who else would be?" He laughed.

She walked over to him and watched closely as he fixed some toast and a tray of cinnamon rolls while still preparing the scrambled eggs perfectly.

She laughed as well. "I can't tell if you always do this or if you're just showing off."

"Little bit of both."

"Well color me impressed," she said, kissing his cheek. "What can I do to help?"

"There's some jam and butter in the fridge, would you get it out and put it on the toast?"

She turned to the fridge and swung it open. Her mouth fell open in shock. "This is a lot of food, Iggs."


"It's enough for a family of four for two weeks."

"That usually lasts me one week."

"You eat enough for eight in one week?"

"You hadn't said anything before when you'd seen me eat."

"Well I just figured you had a big stomach and a fast metabolism. I never figured it was this fast," she said, setting the butter on the counter.

"Is it a problem?" he asked, concerned.

"Not at all. Grape or Strawberry?" she asked him.

"Strawberry," he immediately replied.

"Oh me too!" she exclaimed, setting the jar on the counter. She then got a knife and began fixing the first set of toast. There were four. Meaning eight slices and Jenn only had two.

He dumped the eggs out on a plate and she put some cheese and a couple dashes of salt and pepper on them.

"How many eggs did you fix?" she found herself asking him as she looked down at the big plate.

"Ten I think," he replied, sticking his fork in and eating some.

"Oh man! Is that ham?" He nodded and she could feel herself drooling. He held the plate out to her and she stabbed a bit of it and shoved it in her mouth like she hadn't eaten in ages. "Are you sure you can't read minds, too?" she asked him through her eggs and ham.

He laughed, "Yeah I'm sure."

All of a sudden, her nose was hit with the scent of the cinnamon rolls and she almost fainted.

"They're done."

"But the timer didn't go off," she said, confused.

"Didn't set one," he said simply

"Why not?"

"Don't need one." He pulled out the cinnamon rolls and set the tray on the stove. Jenn counted two trays of a dozen.

"Eight pieces of toast, ten eggs with ham and twenty-four cinnamon rolls..." she quietly counted in awe.

He smiled at her and pulled out two plates, handing her one.

"Where are we gonna sit?" she asked after taking a bite of a warm, gooey cinnamon roll.

"I usually just sit by the window and listen to the city below," he replied, sectioning off most of the eggs for himself.

She laughed, "What would you do if it turned out I ate as much as you?"

"I'd fix four more slices of toast, ten more eggs and let you have an entire tray of cinnamon rolls."

She couldn't help but smile at his casually sweet comment.

He walked over to the window and sat on the dark, hardwood floor. Jenn got her food and followed suit, sitting across from him.

"So tell me about these places you want to travel to."

Her voice filled with excitement as she began to give him a full description.

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