Come Correct Part 2

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**** Special thanks to Alsina Nation Group 1. Y'all had me rolling with these comments. I Luh y'all so much 😍😍😍😍😍****


Me and Devin had a wonderful time on our breakfast date. He was really a sweetie pie and he definitely seemed like the move for me right now.

He was focused, he knew what he wanted and he didn't seem lukewarm about.

August was a non-factor at this point. I didn't want to be his friend or even his enemy, I just wanted my money 💸. And I wanted to have the best possible time I could. I wasn't going to let him ruin it.

And tonight was going to be a good time. I was going to look good and when Ush called us on stage, I was going to be ready. Me, Can, Des and DJ had been practicing what we were going to do. We was too hype!

DJ had made me few pieces to bring with me, so I thought this was the perfect night to adorn one of my besties designs. Don't sleep on DJ he's a beast with clothes, I told him he should pursue it, but he didn't want to for some reason.

"Have you read the comments under this little video you posted of August?" DJ asked me as I walked into the bedroom wrapped in my towel. He was laid on my bed scrolling through his phone.

"Nah, I turned my notifications off. Random people kept commenting." I said putting on my bra and panties.

"Well let me just recap for you." He said chuckling. "Cause I am living for some of these."

"DJ, no." I said getting my makeup bag.

He completely ignored me.

"@cierrrra says - imma need for Mrs. Wannabe Alsina, but it ain't gone happen, to leave his room before we have some problems. #straightlikethat."

He let out an obnoxious laugh. I rolled my eyes and went back in the bathroom to put on my makeup.

"Listen to this : @modelstatus says Who's this hoe? August Anthony Alsina Jr. tf you think you doing being near hoes; keep playing with me. You need to get tf out my man's hotel room you thotpocket! You must be trying get attention posting this video on instagram thirsty hoe."

He fell on the floor laughing. "She called you a thotpocket!"

"@prettyS says, take this damn video down! & leave him and his chap sticks alone!!"

"@RayEtsuko or however you pronounce that shit said, I'd prefer for you to have millions in every flavor over split and shattered glass lips." DJ kicked his feet in the air cracking up.

He seemed to think this was hilarious.

"These little fans of his crazy as hell. She said over split and shattered glass lips." He shook his head.

"The rest are pretty decent. @Msicejjfish. Wait is this chick name really Msicejjfish? Alrighty then." He chuckled.

"She said, Bae, if you need more flavors I got bookoo for the Free99.

@ashley wrig said, Why do you have three chapsticks who u kissing on lol. S

@AugROD said forget the chapstick... what's the bid on August?? "

"I'm about to comment if you got the money, I'll auction his ass off." DJ said.

"Don't comment that." I looked over at him.

"@LadyShanice said I mean like can I test my theory to see if the ChapSticks really do make your lips soft ;). Okay girl. Jazz they trying to get at your man."

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