Above is Leo's toy and his daddy Zheng.

twelve//dirty toy car
[May 22, 2016
10:58 am]

Three Month Later

"No! La spedizione non può venire domani, lo ripeto, non può. Ho bisogno che cazzo di spedizione oggi da 2:00 o non si preoccupano di andare a casa! Vaffanculo troppo Francisco ma meglio avere il mio pacchetto qui da 2:00." (The shipment can not come tomorrow, I repeat it can not. I need that fucking shipment today by two pm or don't bother going home! Fuck you too Francisco but I better have my package here by two pm.) Hunter hissed as he ended the phone call.

Hunter threw the phone, as he rubbed his temples. This was the fifth time this week he's been given bad news. Since Zheng's imprisonment, he's been taking over all the duties and tasks for his husband.

Hunter prided himself for being able to handle again but; running successful restaurants and handling the mafia had some level of difficulty. Plus add moving from Chicago, Illinois to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania within two weeks.

Hunter will admit he couldn't keep up with some of the tasks so he had to close down his restaurants, all sixteen of them. He didn't need the money but he just enjoyed having a job and cooking.

Three months and twenty days since he last saw his husband and Hunter was about to explode.

A few of Zheng's business partners assumed because he took the dick that he couldn't run a business good. Hunter already wanted to shoot them because taking dick wasn't that easy anyway. 'Especially one as big as Zheng.' Hunter thought.

He's already had two of the local gangster families offer to handle everything for him. Claiming that he needed to be focused on his lost and his son.

'Bullshit.' Hunter thought.

Snapping back to reality, Hunter sighed as the phone started ringing again. Rolling his eyes Hunter gathered the phone and answered.

"What?" Hunter demanded.

"Wǒ bù gěi tā mā de jié mǐ! Wǒ xiǎng tàilēi quèbǎo nàxiē "méiguī" zài zhèlǐ jiēchù dào "huā diàn" de shǒu, ér bùshì yī miǎo zhōng. Jiānchí, shāo děng. Wǒ shuō tā bàozhe tā mā de." (I don't give too fucks Jamie! I want Tyler makes sure those 'roses' get here the minute they touch the 'florist' hands and not a second later. Hold on. I said hold the fuck on.)

Hunter turned around towards one of the men stand aside waiting for order. "Bishop come here. I need you to go personally deliver a message to Danny. I want $1 million in cash on unmarked bills in five minutes ready to be delivered to this house.

If he demands more money tell him he every minutes it's late that how many of his family members are gonna die." Hunter ordered.

The man nodded moving to the door "Bishop!" the big man immediately stopped and waited for further order. "Yes sir?"

"He has two baby brothers start with them first."

"Yes sir." Pressing the phone back to his ear Hunter continued his conversation.

"Call Ana tell her to meet me at the plane; and tell Carrie that she got the next few days to get this house ready to be demolished.

I also want the real estate agent on the phone about an house in the southern Philadelphia area in perfect range of an decent private school."

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