Getting sick

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The next day we stayed in because we don't want to get out of bed we are still in the bed I'm up bet for some reason my sister is hot and still sleeping and complained about her stumac last night before bed she might be sick I hope she's not because we don't have any Medicean so I got up and washed up in are stream I wrote a note to christna that said I went to the store to get you some medication so I put on some cloths and went to wallgreens got medicine ice packs pills water then I went to dollar tree and got blankets and big zip lock bags in case she throws up I paid and went to target and got disinfecting wipes I went back to the tent she was up didn't look so well I gave her Medicean and her other essentials then she said I'm think I'm gonna throw up from being hot she said ok get a bag I'm going to get some non plug up fans and put on your ice pack I will be back soon I got back and her bag was halfway ful I put on the fan and I gave her some bread and milk and we went to bed I woke up and she woke up to she looked great I said she no sick anymore great

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