Walking home

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Viney POV: 

I poured a bag of griffin food into three different troughs, making sure to eye them and make sure the amounts were all even. When I finished pouring the food, the griffins quickly dug in, slightly shoving one another to get a bite. 

With a low sigh, I hung the bag up on a hook, slowly moving over towards Puddles. Lightly patting my hand on her neck, my action made her pick her head up a bit to look at me. 

"You've gotta train that new guy Puddles." I said with a smile, hearing her coo. "Show him the ropes." I glanced over at the new griffin, Buddy, who was happily eating as much as he could. 

Puddles cooed again, then dipped her head back down into the trough. The griffin to my left picked his head up, shaking his head a few times to ruffle his feathers before slowly walking away. 

Letting out another sigh, I patted Puddles' neck a couple more times before moving away, heading in the direction of the griffin that moved. Another one of the new ones. 

That griffin seemed more aloof than the others. He wouldn't necessarily avoid the other griffins, but he wouldn't try to actively play with them. It seemed like he'd rather watch. 

We didn't have a name for him either, but he'd get one soon enough. "Alright bud, let's get in the stable." I said gently as I walked over towards him, gently holding my hands out.  The griffin stared at me for a moment, then turned his head away, slowly walking into his stable. 

He spun in a circle for a moment, tapping the ground for a moment before laying down, curling into a ball. His golden eyes stared at me for a moment, slowly closing and blinking open a few times before closing all the way, making me close and lock the gate door behind him. 

Looking back, I found the rest of the griffin's were starting to slowly move away from the troughs, all except for Puddles, who was digging around for the scraps of food. Bringing my hand up to my face, I let out a sharp whistle, catching all the griffins attention. 

"Alright guys! Into the stables!" I flicked my hands out, using my magic to open up the stable doors, all the griffins quickly trotting inside. Puddles quickly shoved her head into one of the troughs again, picking up some more of the food before quickly darting into her spot, stretching her wings out for a moment before tightly pulling them close to her body. 

Moving over towards the front door, I jumped up to touch the top of the door frame, moving outside and pulling the door closed. "Hey Zane." I greeted the sharp toothed bird alarm, making him cock his head towards me. "You know the drill." I mumbled before lightly grabbing onto his pointed tail and giving it a bit of a tug. 

Zane stiffened up, staring straight ahead as he let out a small caw. A small smile found its way to my face as I moved away from the door and started walking towards the school, glancing back at the stables behind me for a moment. 

With a low sigh, I summoned my scroll, softly mumbling to myself and asking what time it was. When I took a glance at the time, my eyes widened. "I'm late!" With a snap I made my scroll disappear as I started to break out into a run. 

Turning around the outside of the school, I dashed up the stairs, tripping over one and nearly falling. Picking myself back up, I pushed open the school's doors, nearly slamming into Jerbo and Barcus. 

"Guys...!" I barely managed to get out, taking a step back so I wasn't in their faces as I leaned down on my knees to try to catch my breath. 

"Oh heya there V, we were just gonna go out to find you." Jerbo said, smiling while Barcus let out a few barks. Jerbo placed a hand on my shoulder, making me stand up and take in a deep breath. "Did you run all the way here from the stables?" 

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