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*beep* *beep* *beep*

I smacked my alarm so it would shut up.
I rubbed my eyes and just stared at the ceiling before getting out of bed. Today's Friday and this whole week I've had to deal with people getting big promposals.

And I just hate it cause I know damn well I'm not gonna get asked...

I already have my dress and everything so it's to late anyway, cause then they would have to go with my colors I have.

But I'm happy cause I really like the dress I picked out, it's a dark green with a flowy skirt. And yk I had all winter to get a nice body so it looks good on me (something I plan on doing...)

I got dressed into sum like this...

I got dressed into sum like this

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(Cause this shits ✨iconic✨)

But I decided to leave my hair natural,witch is like a wavy curly.... I don't know my hair is complicated alright

By the time I was done getting ready I had to leave for school, so I grabbed my bag and made sure I had everything before I left. As I walked down the hall my brother was in the kitchen so I went over and annoyed him before I left.

Yk how sister duties are :)

I went over and I took a sip of his glass of orange juice licking the rim after. "Seriously" my brother whined as he looked down at his glass. I smiled and waved by as I walked out the front door.

I drove to school with a whole ass vibe cause I have the best playlist ever.... and that's on period.

I parked in the school lot and started to walk to my first class. But I couldn't help but notice all these people looking at me as I passed them. They turned to each other and whispered in each others ear.

Like...is there something wrong?


I ran the nearest bathroom and I turned around and looked at my but In mirror. Damn a bitch got cake 😼

( can't say the same 🥲)

I sighed in relief, wait but then why was everybody staring me?

Oh well.

As I walked out the bathroom I was looking down at my phone when I ran into somebody and we bumped head.
"Ow tf?" I mumbled as I rubbed my head looking up. It was


Let me give you a little run down real quick.
Basically Alejandro is this really popular kid at my school. I mean he's hella fine too, that plays a role. And I've kinda had a little baby crush on him for a while.

I noticed I was dozing off so I snapped out of it and I apologize to him. "Oh shit, sorry my fault" I smiled. "No it's cool, you okay tho?" He asked me touching my arm.


I looked at where his hand was and I looked back at him nodding. "Here let me see" he said as he moved my hair out of my face and he looked at my forehead, running his thumb over the soft spot I had from his big ass head.

I kinda winced and he noticed. "You sure your good?" He asked me again. "I'm fine don't worry about it" I reassured him again. "Ill catch you later then" he smiled as he walked past me.


That was.... okay yeah.

I was just standing there in my own world then the bell rings, meaning I have to go to my first period.


~skipping to lunch cause a bitch don't got time for that~

Finally it's lunch I fucking hate chemistry class.

I walked out the class room and I saw a bunch of people lined up.

Your joking right, another fucking promposal 😫 .I hate my life.

As I was about to walk the other way from what was about to go down over there my um, I guess you could call her my friend cassy came over towards me.

She had a rose in her hand?

"Hey y/n" she smiled.
"Uh hi" I smiled back.
"Here follow me" she grabbed my hand and led me the opposite way.

"What are you doing?" I asked her "just go with it stubborn ass" she giggled. She handed me the rose and and told me to keep walking...

Oh shit...

As I kept walking every person I passed handed me another rose. This was cute. But I have no idea who tf is asking me... Im legit scared, what if it's one of the Fuck boys?

I put on a smile as I kept walking. This was a long ass line of people, it went all the way outside. I could see I was getting to the end. I walked the distance to the person finally turned around...


He was holding up a sign that said
' I'd be a luck duck to go to prom with you!'


I smiled as I walked over to him, he looked nervous but still kept a smile. I went up to him and stood in front of him, I smiled as I leaned in and kissed his cheek. "I get to keep the Duck right?" I smiled "uh...yeah" he laughed "then YES!" I laughed hugging him. He laughed as he dropped the sight and wrapped one of his arms around me.

I get a baby Duck now 😚

Y'all guess what...
I got Covid 😌
Jus thought I'd let y'all know, okay BYE WHORES 🕳🧑‍🦽

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