Chapter 12

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"I... I have wings..." He said with his head down.

"You have wha-?" Jenn started to laugh but when Iggy opened them up, her jaw dropped.

She got up and slowly walked over to him. He kept his head down as she circled him.

"You have wings," she whispered from behind him. "You have wings!" she quietly exclaimed in disbelief.

Here we go.

"Holy shit, Iggy! They're- they're- They're beautiful!" she reached her hand out but then stopped herself. "May I...?"

He nodded and her hand glided along the top of his wings, feeling the soft white feathers. She ran her hand up his bare back and examined where his wings connected and then followed them along to the dark-greyish tips.

"You're like an albatross..."

She circled back around him and stopped when she was directly in front of him.

"Is this...? Am I dreaming?"

He continued to look down and he shook his head.

"Were you born like this?"

Again he shook his head.

"Iggy..." Jenn took his hand. "Please tell me."

"I'm part bird," he said simply, sitting down on the bed. "What's there to tell?"

She sat down next to him.

"Iggy, I don't want to force it from you, but you showed them to me..." When he didn't reply she pushed further, "Iggy, I love you," she brought his hand up to her chest and held it over her heart. "I have for quite a while and this beats for you."

He thought for a moment, and then he suddenly found him telling her everything.


"When I was a baby, I was taken from my parents at the hospital. Where I was taken was called 'the School'. I was experimented on and they stuck wings on me and added airsacks to my lungs. They even went as far as making my bones hollow. They must have been doing this since I was in my mom because the embryo stage is the easiest to make these changes to. I wasn't alone in the School though. There were my non-biological sisters Max, Nudge and Angel and my brothers Fang and Gasman. We call him Gazzy and he's earned that name because his farts are toxic." Iggy laughed to himself thinking about it. "Max, Fang and I are all the same age then Nudge is a couple years younger than us. After her is Gazzy and then Angel. Angel and Gazzy are the only two related out of the whole flock." He paused, thinking about what to say next. "Then the scientists we call the Whitecoats decided to pick me to try and enhance my sight." His hands grew into tight fists and he gritted his teeth. "As you can tell, they fucked up and now I'm blind." She held his hand and he felt the strength to continue. "They were practically torturing us... But we got out... A Whitecoat named Jeb saved us. He took the six of up and left the School. Hiding us on a mountain in Colorado. We stayed there and we were like a family until Jeb disappeared. We had assumed the Erasers had gotten to him so we carried on without him and Max became the leader and we continued to live in safety until the Erasers found us."


"They're hybrids like us except they're part wolf. They can look like normal humans but then they morph into practically werewolves."

"That sounds scary. What was the point of them?"

"They were like the guards of the School so when we escaped, they were tasked to find us."

"How old were you when they found you guys?"

"Fourteen. When they found us we began running as fast and as far as we could. We decided to make the goal of our travelling to find our real parents and expose the School for the monsters they are. Fang started a blog and was able to rally up a lot of kids."


"Grown-ups were toxic. They're the reason we were in that mess and they're the cause for so many other problems. We could only trust kids. That was Fang's reasoning."

"It makes sense," Jenn said after thinking about it. "You know, I think I might have read his blog at one point."

Iggy laid on his side and rested his head on Jenn's lap. She played with his hair and they were silent for a moment.

"Did you ever find your parents, Iggy?"

Iggy didn't answer right away and Jenn didn't think he was going to. "Yeah. I did," he sighed. "They were nice at first... But then when I told them about my wings, they just saw me as a freak they could use to get publicity and maybe, like, a reality show or something. They only wanted me for money. They didn't even treat me like their son... So I left. That's one reason why I was so hesitant to tell you about my wings. I was afraid of how you would take me."

"I am truly honored that you trusted me enough to tell me all of this, Iggy."

He smiled and she brushed his hair aside, leaning down to kiss his cheek.

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