▶Chapter #11

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I raked my brain trying to fine something i was missing, something i wasn't seeing.

Why would he just out and scream like that? I wanted to know, i needed to know, i mean i was fucking his ass till numb for the behavior, which was his fault. I can see him an luke share a similar trait at pissing me off! An who's Papa?

Sitting in my office thinking about this is getting me know where, so i stopped just as there was a knock on my door.

"You may enter" i said, he walked in stopping an closing the door behind him, limping a little, i smile as i notice it, i wouldn't have if i wasn't watching his movement's. I laid both of my elbows onto the flat surface of my desk an intertwined my fingers, resting my chin on top of them, he stood infront of my desk shifting from leg to leg under my gaze but wouldn't meet it.

I sniffled "l-logan can i c-call my brother" i whispered in the silence. I came in here to try my luck to call & talk to my brother since him an logan seem to have some kind of past i guess.

My cheeks were puffy, red-ish an tear-stained from the hot tears that were still falling but slowly now an one at a time.

"Look at me" his voice held a peek of irritation somewhere, when i didn't respond it became more authorizing.

"Look. At. Me!" I blinked away another tear as i looked into his eye's, with slight anger.

"Why should i, Allow you the pleasure of speaking to that brother of yours when you so bluntly disobeyed me And embarrassed me infront of my client?" He said while narrowing his eye's, my breath had been caught in my throat mid-way. He motioned for me to come over to him. Before telling me to bring a chair along, as i did.

I sat infront of him, my knee brushed against his that was covered with his suit fabric. "Who told you that you were allowed to sit?" He questioned, eyebrow raised.

My mouth felt as if someone made me gargle sand. He was getting impatient again i had to speak before he lost it soon or lashed out. I stood up an readied myself for his earlier question.

"B-because i'm really sorry for my behavior-" i whispered not able to finish as he spoke.

"If you think that just because you apologize, that all is forgiven then you're in for a world of hurt bambino" he replied

"Well i am sorry an you did punish me so i was gues-"

"You guessed wrong, that was no real punishment! That was the only thing that would keep you conscious for more than 10 minutes" he spat at me

I gulped, well just what in the hell did he have planned on doing to me? "Were you planning on electrifying me again?" I asked feeling a faint coming on. That afternoon will forever be graved in stone in mind.


"Allen, do you like my suit?" He asked smoothing out the invisible wrinkles of the dark brown suit an fixing his tie again.

I looked at the control freak whom put a collar around my neck because it would teach me how to be 'Respectful!' As he put it.

I looked over his suit not bothering to look at his shoes as i sat on the bed criss-cross-apple sauce (sorry been saying that since i was little) taking in his suit carefully, one couldn't help but notice how his suit doesn't do anything to hide those lick-able biceps an veins popping out of his hand.

Ive always thought it was sexy, a man who has veins popping out of his hands an i don't know why.

I looked back at logans face to see him smirking? The hell is he smirking fo- oh sh!t! I said that aloud.....damn it all to hell.

"So bambino you like my veins An abs?" He asked voice seductively thick with his accent. I blushed as he sarted walking towards me he sat beside me, left hands pointer finger under my chin, thumb on my bottom lip as he grazed my top lip with his, our eye's lock on eachother.

I opened my mouth to speak but quickly closed it as i felt a hand squeezing at my waist non to gently, "Your suit looks like it was made by a child & as for your veins an abs i've totally seen better" i said flipping my imaginary hair over my shoulder as he looked at me ready to kill. Under any other circumstances i'd almost sh!t myself, but this isn't normal circumstances i've been feeling quite b!tchy lately, but no idea why...must have a death wish i guess.

"Ngh! Allen!" He breathed out seriously annoyed.

"Yes whats wrong honey do you need a tampon! I'll call the maid, OH MAI-" it was at this point in time that i knew, that i fùcked up.

"VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV" said the taser.


He rolled his eye's "No stupido that was child play" you will do something else.


Hello i missed you guys an gals, i somehow misplaced my inspiration to write. WBAML! So yeah i think its coming back to me i'm not sure...haha, ok

Addio Amore!

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