Chapter 5

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After dinner, Jenn brought Iggy to her apartment for a place to relax.

It was a studio apartment of a fair size. She tossed her keys into a glass bowl beside the door and they were immediately greeted by her dog.

"Get back, Leica!" She said, pushing past him and pulling Iggy along. She shut her door and told Leica to go lay down.

Which he did.

"What sort of dog is he?" Iggy asked, feeling the massive vibrations coming from the dog.

"A golden retriever, "Jenn turned to add something and that was when she realized that he was just standing there in front of her door.

"Do you need some help or...?"

"No I'm just getting a feel for your room. Just keep talking to me," he answered independently trying to maneuver around her apartment.

"There's a chair there," Jenn said seconds before Iggy could smack into it.

"Got it," he said stubbornly. He felt his way around the chair.

"Do you want something to drink? Like hot cocoa or some tea?" She asked him from the kitchen. "Coffee table."

The words reached him too late and he hit his shin on the side of the coffee table.


"Are you sure you don't need help?"

"Hot cocoa would be great," he said through his teeth as he felt for somewhere to sit and ignored her second question.

"Hot cocoa it is then," she said, trying to hold back laughter. "Do you mind if I turn on some music?"

"No it's okay," he said, rubbing his hurt shin. "I mean, it is your house."

"Yes well," she said quietly as she turned on her radio.

Mayday Parade suddenly blasted out of the speakers and she winced, turning it down.


Iggy just laughed to himself. He sensed someone staring at him and when he awkwardly turned in the direction of the presence he felt something cold and smelly on his face. He jumped back and cried out.

Jenn rushed around the corner only to see Leica pinning Iggy down on the couch, happily licking his face. She giggled and walked over to them.

Iggy was laughing and trying to push him off with as little force possible.

"Leica! Down!" he heard Jenn's beautiful voice command. It was interesting to hear this side of her.

Iggy sat back up and wiped his face on his sleeve.

"If you want I can show you to the bathroom."

"I can manage."

"Iggy," Jenn sighed. "You've never been here before and I know what it's like. Just let me help you. Let me show you my way."

"You know what what's like?" He suddenly asked, confused.

Her eyes got big and part of her was thankful Iggy was blind. "I- My sister used to be blind, remember? I mean I don't know what it's like exactly but I do know how to go about helping you properly," she said quickly.

"Oh. Alright." He stood up and held out his hand. "Show me."

Turning off the music with the remote to help his hearing, she took his hand and led him back to the front door. She stood behind him and he tensed up.

"Do you trust me?" She asked.

He slowly nodded and she gently placed her hands on his waist.

"Relax," she whispered. Her soft voice, like water washed away his anxiety. "Are you ready?"

Again he nodded.

"Okay. Start walking. Slowly." He did as he was told and they began walking forwards in a little conga line for two.

She began to describe each room in great detail as they walked in circles through them. She guided his hand across the couch and the chair beside it, and then she showed him how long the coffee table was. Next was the kitchen where she guided him through each of the cabinets and to the sink and the dishwasher and lastly the oven-stove combination.

She then led him up about ten stairs to her bedroom/ art studio and showed him each piece of furniture in the entire loft.

The whole apartment was spacious and a pristine white. It had large glass windows and glass railing along the bedroom area as a sort of railing.

Finally, they reached the bathroom and Jenn showed him around before letting him wash his face.

"Do you think you can get back to the living room from here?" she asked him, letting go of his waist.

He felt a strange sense of emptiness but he just shrugged it off.

"Maybe with a few quick directions," he said honestly.

She smiled. "Alright just go straight out this tiny hallway and then angle yourself to the right to go around the stairs. After that you should be able to feel the edge of the stairs and then just head straight until you can feel the back of the couch. I'll go finish the hot cocoa."

"Thank you," he said, turning back to the sink.

She still puzzled him immensely.

How did she know how to do that?

Sure it could have been because of her sister but there had to be more to the story. More she wasn't telling him.

Why didn't she tell him everything?

He was hurt until he remembered that he hasn't told her everything. He was keeping secrets too.

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