Life's Game Chapter 32 (Christmas Update)

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I was so excited, my dream of having a family are coming through. I'm finally leaving New York for Miami, Florida! Devin had already gotten the job, not sure how but he did. We had to go down there to go house hunting. I wanted a 3 bedroom house, pool, den, fireplace, spacious yard , I wanted to live the life! I was now 6 1/4 months, Devin & I did not plan anything yet. Were we going to move before the baby was born? After? When are we moving?

I was home alone again so I decided to plan everything out, tonight was Travis birthday party & then their wedding was rIght around thw corner.( 10.14.12) . We had to be there! So me and Devin would be relocating to Florida by the end of October , possibly beginning of November. The baby was due around the end of December , beginning of Janurary. We would be long settled in & ready for the baby. We could go down there the day after the wedding to house hunt or I maybe the week before. I texted Devin everything & then layed down to take a nap.

Kaylas mom

Kayla wasn't talking to me, I haven't heard from her for about a month now. I was hurting and it's not like I didn't try to get in contact, she ignored my calls and never responded to my text. I didn't even know where Devin lived so I couldn't go visit her. This was stressing me out, have me crying at night & everything.

Love complicated everything, but me and Trevor were goint strong. Had a date every night, making sweet love, and catching up on all the time we missed. I loved him but I also loved our daughter & I wasn't going to choose because we're all adults! I knew Travis & his fiance wedding was coming up and Kayla would be there, so I planned to go, afterall I was invited. Kayla & her father needed to repair their relationship so things can go normal!

Travis mom

I finally told Travis about his father, he handled it much better than expected. His father was always a good man & never once neglected his responsibilities as a husband and father. I loved him dearly and he felt the same way, I just hoped God was on our side and would sort out all the drama for us. I didn't want ro ruin Krissi's day especially after the steess of giving birth. She needed a happy moment and break to feel young. Talking about Krissi, I was on my way to see my grandkids!


The twins were so beautiful, they rarely cried & I couldn't put them down. I loved my babies. I wasn't feeling like a woman who just gave birth, only felt weird down there. I thank the yoga & cardio I did while pregnant! My stomach went down back to normal, & my body was returning. The wedding was near! I needed to fit my dress.

Tonight was Travis's suprise birthday party. He was so involved in the twins to care about anything else. This morning was crazy. Kristia and Travis bond is ridiculously strong! This morning they both had tears in their eyes, since Travis was leaving for work! It was so cute. I was feeding the twind, when the bell rang. It was Travis's mom, coming to help me set up & decorate.

She helped me finish feeding them & then to put them down for their afternoon nap. I was scared to have a party with the twins. They didn't have their shots & I didn't want them downstairs at the party nor did I want them upstairs alone. I had a video monitor though so I planned to use it.

I couldn't really help Mrs. Wadell so I called a few of my friends to come help. They set the tables, chair, the balloons and centerpieces. My dining room was transformed to a mini hall. It would seat around 50 guests & that's all I invited! Only family & close friends. The doorbell was ringing constantly with deliverys and so on. I wad scares the twins would wake up. Travis party starts at 9 it was now 4. I went upstairs to see my babies awake just laying in their cribs. They were around 2 weeks old but I still hated keeping them in their cribs. I brought them downstairs and put them in the swing chair.

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