chapter 1

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Haley POV

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing. Loud.

I get up take a shower, brush my teeth brush my hair and put it into a fishtail.

I walk to my room still with my towel and go ti my closet to pick my out-fit . I choose to wear a black crop top that says DOPE in the front. I also wear black skinny jeans with a white benie that says BRUH on it and I wear black vans.

My name is Haley Smith. I'm 16 years old.  I live with my mom. My dad left us when I was 11. I have 2 friends. Samantha and Brianna. Samantha is athletic.  Brianna is funny and fashionable. I'm tom-boy ish. I'm out going though. Very out going. Ask anyone.

I walk down stairs to find a note left from my mom.  It just says she left early. I have to get going so I just grab an apple  and leave. On my way to school I found a ditch and through  my apple in. While I was walking to school I saw a white van. It drives pass me a few feet away and stops. 2 guys come out with mask on. I stop and they look my way. They start walking near me and I turn and run the other way.

I hear them coming my way. I run faster and faster. Then my legs slow down but they are still coming. I listen to the foot steps getting closer. I then, get grabed by 2 arms wrapping around me. I stuggle to get out of the grip but who ever this person was, is pretty strong. Just then a cloth comes on my mouth. I hold my breath and keep fighting back.

"Just breath babe, you have no choice." The guy says, and he's right, so I just breath it in and my world goes dark.

I wake up and I'm tied up,my mouth taped and I'm in a van with the guys that took me. But there's 2 more guys with them. I see one is about to look back at me so I quickly close my eyes.

"I know your awake". He says.

Then I open my eyes once again.

He still has his mask on then takes it off with the rest of them. They are pretty good looking but I should not be thinking that.

The one with red hair smiles at me so dies the one with hazel eyes. I just stare scared out of my mind. The one with dark brown eyes just looks at me and there's one driving. The one with hazel eyes starts to talk.

"Hello, we are going to the airport and you can't scream call anyone for help or anything you have to act happy to be going." He says calmly. My eyes start to water.

"Don't cry babe" he says wiping the tears.

"If we take the tape off you promise not to scream?" The red head asked. I nod my head. Then he takes the tape of.

"Ah" I mutter under my breath. When he took it off it hurt. I look up at them and don't say a thing.

~ at the airport  ~

We get ti the airport and the boys untie me. I finally see what the driver looks like. He does not look that happy to be hear.

We get past all securities and get to the seats to wait to be called.

"Don't scream or run or you'll regret it". The blondie whispers in my ear.

I nod. I'm so scared righg now I dont know what to do.

We get called to get on the plane and get seated. I have tk sit next to blondie and brown haired guy. The plane takes off and I decide to speak.

"Where are we going"? I say looking up at blondie.

"So you can talk". He said smirking.

"Just tell me where were going". I say at the same voice just more rudely.

"We can't tell you just yet sweetie". He says.

"Then at least tell me your names". I say.

"Fine. I'm luke brown head here is calum l, pretty hair is Michael, Mr. Nice guy is ashton". He says. I just look down.

I then soon fall asleep.


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