My alarm blared from my phone early in the morning and I bolted up.

"Shit." I said scrambling up and running to my bathroom.

Parrish was groggily waking up from the other side of my bed.

"What's wrong?" He said his voice scratchy and deep from just waking up.

"PSAT." I said and ran around throwing on a pair of leggings and the first shirt I could find.

I brushed my teeth quickly and threw my hair into a ponytail.

"You don't need to take it you know I know you're older then you say you are." He smirked at me.

"Well obviously because we wouldn't have had sex if you thought I was eighteen." I laughed and put on my moccasins.

"You can just chill here and whatever and I don't have much food but uh yeah I gotta run!" I said and kissed his cheek awkwardly.

"Hey you're wearing my shirt!" He called after me but I was already out the door. I smiled to myself and got in my car driving to the school.

"Who's shirt is that." Malia asked me as I walked in with her to the school.

"No ones." I replied and we both laughed as we waited in line to get in the room.

I placed my fingerprint on the answer sheet and took my test booklet to my seat. I left my phone at home so I didn't have to worry about it going off.

Our supervisor began to explain everything and the time limits with the test. I tapped my pencil on the desk impatiently waiting for the test to start so I could guess everything and get it over with.

We just had to survive three hours and that was all, and frankly three hours was too much to ask for.

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