Let's See How Far We've Come

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I like this song so don't you judge me! VIRIA FOREVA! Do you like the song? I can seriously imagine the Seven,Nico, and Reyna sing this song all together. Plus I know I have said this before but... I WANT TO SAY IT AGAIN! *Clears throat* You can make song requests for the Heroes of Olympus. But as it said on the one for Top Of The World... I need to make sure that it is playable for Wattpad. I'll respond to your comment if it's available to play. Plus I really want comments! Plus the people who comment/like gets their names mentioned in the chapters. Thanks for reading! *Percy,Seven,Nico,and Reyna pops head in the room. Percy takes my phone away* (P:Percy, M/R:Me, L:Leo, N:Nico, J:Jason, F:Frank, G:All of the seven girls, Reyna, and Calypso.)

M: Hey! Give that back!



M: Um... Not all the ladies do Leo.

J: I agree with this girl here!

M: My fictional name is Ruby.

J: Okay, I agree with Ruby!

F: How did we even get here?

N: I DO NOT SING! AT ALL! Plus, nice name.

R: Nice face *Sticks tounge at Nico*

L: Oooh! Burn!

R: Save it Fire boy

L: Ha! That does not offend me!

R: How about Bucky McBoing Boing? Ranger Roy? Ranger Rick? Cowboy? Sheriff Scout? Hoppalong? Sundance? I could go on all day Repair boy...

L: Okay now that hurts! Just because I'm from Houston, Texas. Does not mean I'm a cowboy! I'm a Mexican Latino-

R: Elf!

N: Pft! *Starts snickering* I like Ruby already.

N+R: *Fist pumps like a boss* Oh yeah...

P: Oh my Hades! Nico is smiling! It's a miracle!

R: Shut it Persmiley

N: I keep liking this girl more and more.

N+R: *Fist pumps once again*


R: How about you guys answer this question... WHY IS THE ARGO 2 OUTSIDE, ON MY LAWN! *Glares at Leo*

L: Heh he he... I might've hacked into your phone for fun, saw that you were doing this story chapter and, then I tracked down your address...*Smiles Sheepishly*

R: Gently puts down the phone... YOU HACKED INTO WHAT! * Tackles Leo and gives him a headlock,Judo flips him,and a whole bunch of other stuff*

N: Yep! I like this girl already!

P: Gah!

J: Ooh...

F: Wow... She's... Strong.

G: *All mouths hang open. Excepts Reyna's, she nods her head in approval*

L: H-He-lp M-e!

E (Everybody not Nico): takes 5 minutes to pry off Ruby from Leo's back. *All of them start panting while Nico and Ruby just sit there bored*

N: You like any games? I like mythomagic.

R: Well I like Yu Gi Oh.

N: Pukey what?

R: Yu Gi Oh. Its a battle game, Egyptian style based. (If you know what Yu Gi Oh is then you my friend, ARE AWESOME! Seriously I want you to comment if you know that show/game. I will mention your user name on one of my chapters)

N: Oh, Can we play?

R: Sure! *Whispers to Nico* I am on your Team, plus Percy's. Don't mention anything but I'm on Team Leo too. Swear on the River Styx.

N: I swear on the River of Styx that I will not mention you being on Team Leo Alive,Dead,or immortal.

R: *Nods in approval*

E: Can we play Yu Gi Oh too?

R: Sure!

That's basically what happened. Peace out and comment!


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