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Yay! Heroes of Olympus songs! You know that one of my friends said that I'm the only one who is obsessed with Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians? THINK AGAIN SUCKER!!! IN YOUR FACE! POINT ALL HOO AND PJO FANDOMS! HA HA HA! Well yeah... I just wanted to prove them DEAD WRONG! I HAVE AVENGED YOU MY FANDOM! Well yeah... Hoped you like the song! I take Heroes of Olympus song requests but I need to make sure it's available for everyone to see it. It's sometimes hard to find a song that won't say
Unavailable,please go to YouTube to watch.

Seriously, I HATE those! It keeps bugging me! With all the typing and the scrolling, and Wow! That sounds lazy! Anyway... THANK YOU FOR THE VIEWS ON THIS BOOK! I LITERALLY HAVE MORE THAN 1,000 VIEWS! YAY! *Runs around the room and hits the wall* WORTH IT! *Starts groaning* I'm good...


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