Chapter Seven: The Mall And A Horror Movie.

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Liam gently shook Rae awake. "Good morning, babe." Liam said as he kissed Reagan's forehead. "Mhm..." Rae groaned as she sat up, with Liam following. "Would you like to do something today?" Liam asked. "Sure." Rae answered. "Hmm... How about the mall?"Liam asked. "Me, you and the boys can go." Liam added. "Yeah. Lemme get money from my Mum." Rae said as she sat up and walked into her parents room. "Mum, can I borrow money to go to the mall?" Rae asked her Mum. "Mhm, let me see...." Rae and Harrys Mum, Anne said. Anne pulled out $552.80 out of her wallet. "Um, I don't need this much Mum." Rae said as Anne gave her the money.

"Oh, well go have fun!" Anne exclaimed as she kicked Rae out of the bedroom. Rae looked at the money and put it in her wallet.

"So did you get some money?" Liam asked. "More like $600.00, almost." Rae explained. Liam smiled and took her hand and drove her to the mall.

Liam immediately took Rae to Victoria Secrets. "Hmm... How about this!?" Liam suggested as he pulled out a black lingerie outfit. "Um... Okay?" Rea said, unsure. "Oh come on, you'll love it!" Liam exclaimed. Before they went to check out, Rae picked out baggy comfortable sweatpants, a matching hoodie, perfume, long socks and a 3 tee shirts. Liam went to Hollister and Rae went to Aeropostale, Ugg Store, Forever 21, Debs, Wet Seal and Shoe Depot. Liam went to a few other stores and they met up at Tack Bell.

"So, what did you get?" Rae asked Liam. "A bunch of stuff! You?" Liam asked. "A lot of stuff...." Rae replied. "Oh nice, must we get going?" Liam asked. "Sure." Rae said. "Wanna go to my house?" Liam asked Rae. "Yeas!" Rae shouters excitedly. Liam took Rae to his house and they made popcorn and watched Leprechaun.

(A/N: Leprechaun is a horror movie invade you didn't know😂)

"Liam, I'm not good with scary movies." Rae complained. "Don't worry baby girl, I'll protect ya." Liam said as he pressed play and snuggled close to Rae. Soon, Rae felt Liam's perfectly soft lips on hers. "L....Liam, the...e m-movie." Rae said, in between kisses. "Oh, sorry love." Liam apologized. Rae kisses his nose and they continued to watch the movie.

"AHHH!" Rae screamed, Liam's grip on Rae tightened. "Shh, it's okay baby. It's just a movie." Liam said as he tried to comfort her. "W-what if N-Niall is a... A Leprechaun!?" Rae gasped as she tucked her head under the blankets. Liam rubbed her belly and said, "no he isn't an actual Leprechaun."

"You sure?" Rae laughed. "Positive." Liam said as he kissed her cheek.

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