What do you want?

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Kirishima's POV
     I heard a knock on my stall door. "What do you want?" I yell to the knocker. "I just want to talk" the person says. "Listen Eijirou, I-" I cut him off. "First, do NOT call me that anymore, second, why are you even trying. I saw what you did there's no reason to deny it"

     I hate it when he calls me by my first name. "I'm sorry" is all he says. I hear the bathroom door open and he leaves. I finish doing what I need and I leave. Once I get back to class I see bakugo laying on his desk and, is he crying?!?!

     "Hey bro?" I hear from behind me. I turn around quickly. "Oh, hey Denki" I reply to him. "Do you know why bakugo is crying? I mean you are dating him right?" I didn't want to have to explain what happened right now so I just told him to meet me behind the stairs during lunch.

Time skip
     I walk to the stairs to meet Denki when bakugo passes me. I just walk faster trying to get away from him.

     I get to the stairs and sit there waiting for Denki. Not much time passes and he sits down next to me with some food for the both of us.

     "So explain please" he kind of demands. "Well, bakugo cheated on me-" "WHAT?!?!" I got cut off by Denki screaming. "Dude, let me speak" "oh... sorry" there was a pause in between his words.

     I continue "so I went to the bathroom because I didn't want to be near him, and he followed me. He wanted to talk but I yelled at him and he left" "oh no" is all Denki could say. "So that's why he was probably crying" I say.

     We finish eating in silence and then we head to out next class.

Time skip

     I walk to my dorm and just lay down. I hear a knock on my door and before I say anything the door opens. Bakugo walks in and locks the door behind him. "Why are you here" I ask. "I just want to talk, please let me" he says. I don't really have a choice here because from what I'm seeing he won't leave until he talks.

     "Fine, whatever" I see his face light up and he come over and sits on my bed.

     "So... I'm really sorry I didn't want this to happen"

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