16| Who said life is easy?

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21st August 2017

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21st August 2017


"God! Can you please stop blabbering about Abhishek...", Aisha trailed off and massaged her temples.

"You know I can't. I'm so nerv- "

"I'm so nervous he would shout at me or even worse, walk away when he sees me", Aisha muttered, completing my sentence.

Aisha and I had just entered the school, accompanied by Abhinav who had his nose buried in his Chemistry textbook as we had a small 20 marks assessment in the second period. Aisha really couldn't care less because she aced all science subjects. As for me, I had already finished Acids, Bases, and Salts a month ago, that's why my main focus was on what I would do when I bumped into Abhishek today. Abhinav was totally against the agenda of me apologising to Abhishek and Aisha wasn't helping either.

"Take a chill pill girl. If he doesn't respect your decisions and especially your private space, then it's his problem and not yours", Aisha said and winked at me. "Oh! Where's Soham? I need to take my chemistry notes from him!"

Aisha dragged Abhinav to help her find Soham despite his protests. I decided to go straight to my class since the assembly was cancelled as the Assembly Hall was closed for the Inter-School Junior Competition, our school was hosting. I walked up the stairs and took a turn into the hallway.

However, as soon as I turned around the corner, I fell down and hurt my knees. I rubbed my knee cap and lifted myself, slightly by my elbows. I turned my head around to see Aarushi trying to contain her laughter.

"Sorry, Preeti... I didn't see you there", she said and smirked at my knee, now bruised from the impact and everyone in the corridor was staring at me. Esha and the four boys surrounding her were all trying very hard not to laugh at my flustered face. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands help me up. I brushed the dust off my uniform and looked up to see Utkarsh, Aisha's boyfriend glaring at Aarushi and her 'gang' with his dark brown eyes, while Swastika, my shy friend held my bag for me. I took the bag which seemed to be heavier than a whale and slung it across my shoulders. Utkarsh wrapped his arm around my shoulder and steered me away from them and Swastika followed us, shooting daggers at the girl who called herself: "Queen". Even before I stepped into the classroom, laughter erupted across the hallway.

I sat down in my usual seat in the third row as Utkarsh examined the bruise. He asked Swastika to bring some ice from the pantry despite my protests that I should go to the nurse's office myself.

"Oh, shut up Preeti! You know that we know more about First-Aid then that old nurse who just tells you to apply 'Boroline' for every damn wound!", Utkarsh spoke and both of us giggled.

"Seriously though. The school needs to find a better nurse", I spoke and smiled at him.

Utkarsh had always been the most wonderful best friend I could ever ask for. He was my first friend when I had joined this school in kindergarten. Back in seventh grade, he had even admitted he had a crush on me but I had to reject him because I liked him only as a friend and didn't want to ruin our friendship. Utkarsh didn't mind and respected my decision, unlike someone I knew.

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