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TW//smoking , mentions of drugs and drug abuse , abuse.

I woke to yelling in the living room , it's my mother.

I groaned loudly as I pushed myself out of bed , I needed to get dressed and get out of here , I put on a skirt like a usual do and layer it ,

Today's fit

The yelling got increasingly louder in the living room , I could barely make out the words ,

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The yelling got increasingly louder in the living room , I could barely make out the words ,

"please Darry I'll do anything just get me another bottle."


Her ex , not my dad , I'd never met my dad , when he heard my mother was pregnant with me he left quicker then you can spell Mississippi.

Darry is a drug dealer , and mother dating him because of it , to get her fix , of pills , alcohol anything she could get her hands on.

They've been on and off I don't even know what's going on between them anymore.

Me and and mother have almost no money because of this , I'm guessing most the time my mother does 'favours' for Darry to get her fix.

He pissed me off , I never liked him , she pisses me off to , I had to start hiding my collage savings money , or it probably turn into a bottle of Hennessy and Xanax.

I grab fifty dollars and leave through my bedroom window , I'm so grateful that we live in a one story house sometimes , I wanted to avoid my mom at the moment she was definitely having withdrawals begging Darry for more drugs.

Once i'm out I check the time , it's only 10 am Jesus mother get a hold of your self , can't even make it till noon .

I pull out my phone to text Wilbur.


hey where are you , wanna meet ?-

-just had breakfast with the boys at McCafery's met me outside there,

I'll be there in 10-

I pull out a box of cigarettes from the hem of my skirt and replaced it with my phone.I opened the box carefully and gently took out a cigarette along with the lighter I'd lodged in there .

It was my only and favourite lighter , black with bright pink flames climbing up the bottom.
I placed the cigarette in my mouth and lit it , inhaling slowly and releasing it with a sigh of relief, smoking really calmed me down , I didn't care if I got looks on the street or if people made fun of me, I'm 18 I can make decisions for myself. (please don't smoke if your not of age !! I don't don't encourage any smoking especially if your underage!)

I walked to McCafery's and sat on the sidewalk across the street , knees up to my chest arms resting on top , my left hand every once in a while coming up to meet my face for me to take a drag of my cigarette.

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