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                    ESTELLA SAT AND DEEPLY THOUGHT ABOUT what happened just a few hours ago including last night and she couldn't even believe herself, or him. Was he even real? She spent years, months, going without any type of relationship and then all of a sudden, this wonderful man comes into her life just like that? That can't be a coincidence. Estella didn't really have anymore love invested in her after her last relationship, she kind of gave up to be honest. But the thing is, she didn't want to fall in love, because she was too afraid of getting hurt again and throughout the years, she's learned that all men are exactly the same, unless that part of them are actually broken out of it's delusional shell.

There was something different about Harry though, something very unique and unexpected. The way he smiled, the way he laughed, the way he made her feel as if she had been the best woman to ever look at. He spoke with such intelligence yet, managed to pour his heart out according to things he was fascinated with. Apparently he had been fascinated with the idea of her and her body, but that wasn't just it. It was the way he looked at her when they slept together, when he touched her, only one look could verify it entirely; mesmerized.

If she was right or not, she'd be right with knowing that Harry Styles had been fascinated with the fact that she was a woman. But not just any woman, a woman whom had been torn, but was taking the offer of letting another man consume her without drought and or fear overcoming her. Then again, she wasn't very open with others about that part of herself.

"Bridal collection, that's your idea?" One of the most obnoxious voices she had ever heard coming from someone she despised so much said with a slight tone of attitude towards her, Estella looking up slowly, so ready to bring her fist across her jaw.

"Yes, Kaitlyn - a bridal collection, like I said and it will be finalized," Estella turned her face away from the promethean board, raising her eyebrow. "My father's brand is based around a variety of styles, and if I choose to create another collection that will not only sell out, but will be the best of the best, then that's what will happen. Now if there's a problem, and I do hope there isn't, because please remember who your talking too, then I suggest you go with the flow and keep your mouth shut."

The blonde simply rolled her eyes, flicking her short hair over her shoulders while Estella tried as best as she could to keep her distance, her father shaking his head and snickering under his breath, her mother doing the same, instead, picking up her glass of tea and sipping it, gazing at her with wondering eyes. Everyone along the table was silent, Estella nodding her head once before she clicked on the remote in her hand, going over a few more designs she had sketched.

"Not only will this collection revolve around the elegance of weddings, but it will revolve around how the bride should feel in the dresses we create. We make them for many different types of body sizes and shapes without complications, as usual. There will be a change in how we do our style, possibly way different than many others. So tonight, as a team, I want everyone to do come up with their dream gown. As for the fellas, we're doing attire for the men. Sketch what you can, make it breathtakingly appealing. You are dismissed."

As everyone arose from their seats, her father walked in front of her with a huge smile on his face, taking both of her hands in his. "Sweetheart, I am so proud of you. You honestly amaze me every time with that brilliant mind of yours."

Estella smiles back. "Thanks dad, and really it's nothing. But what I wanna know is, why haven't you fired that bitch yet?"

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