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   His belt buckle clanking and his zipper dragging down to reveal his erection, hungrily gripping the back of her neck to level her down to her knees aggressively. It was like time slowed down when she gazed up to clearly depict his facial features and a few seconds of staring made her realize that the man before her had looked nothing like Harry. He had black and purple hair and numerous amounts of face piercings and ugly tattoos. He was bigger than Harry was, insanely buff and not at all attractive to her. She had to have a hint that it wasn't him, but the drugs enhanced her emotions to make her think otherwise. It felt like some sick spell at first, but she knew what she was getting herself into the second she took that bag of coke from Kani.

   She had come to a conclusion that she in fact was a bad person. She cheated twice. Not fully but in some way she betrayed Harry. She fucked up again.

   "C'mon baby, just a little taste, then I'll do you next." The stranger murmured to her, Estella almost frozen in shock and she couldn't be in shock, she had to leave. She couldn't stand there and let him assault her. No, she won't.

   "I wanna leave, please." She had begged, his fingers for sure indenting prints on her neck, pressing against a vein painfully.

   "We came in here for a reason, and that was for you to do what I ask, you fucking slut!" He growled maliciously, hot tears staining her face as they streamed down. "Get. On. Your. Knees."

   She was frightened, inevitably fucking terrified. She had encountered yet another one of these men in her life. Half the time she wanted to blame the way she was built, body type, beauty, ability to beam her smile at millions and receive either the same amount of respect or perverted gestures. But really at the moment it was her lack of responsibility for a woman her age. The power she had perceived to others even if she had a resting bitch face, she was a woman who spoke volume without even saying a word. She was attractive by nature and seen as seductive by men. Hungry and deceiving men. Though that was always the tragedy of it all—To be sexy in men's eyes. She had gotten those looks from predators since she was 16 years old. The downfall that caused her to be scornful over her body.

   Her face sang purity, but her body screamed another note. It was a blessing and a curse being who she was. And now she needed to speak. In actions more than words. Metaphorically, a lightbulb floated above her head, getting a quick idea about two things she could do right about now to attack him and escape.

   "Okay okay," She let out a shaky breath, still trying to contain her plan so she wouldn't make it obvious. "Can you turn around real quick, I need to pull off some of my clothing."

   He gave her a look. "I can do that for you, sweetpea."

   "Yeah but I have on ugly underwear and I'm insecure about it," Estella pushed her answer with an innocent pout, almost vomiting at the smirk he gave her. And not to her surprise, he gained no clue on what she was attempting to do and turned around with an irritated roll of his eyes.

   Estella instantly dropped her pout, replacing her emotion with a disgusted scowl, muttering "fuck" to herself because now she had to find an object to attack him with. She was frantic, eyes skidding every part of the room. A toilet plunger, a picture frame, a piece of glass, could she use any of these? Her heart thumped quicker when her eyes landed on an object lying near the sink—Pepper spray. She prayed that it wasn't empty. One she noticed that she hadn't said a word since he turned around and didn't want to make it obvious, she spoke up.

   "Um, can I ask you something?"

   He irritatingly sighed. "Yeah."

   "Do you usually have sex with girls in club stalls?"

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