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   "Sometimes," He paused. "Is that a problem?"

   She picked up the pepper spray, hiding it behind her back. "I mean, isn't it a little—Cliché?"


   "Yeah, and it's kind of disrespectful. And not only that, you apparently seem to think that threatening women for sex is arousing and if I'm not correct, the terminology for that is called rape."

   The man furrowed his brows, heatedly turning around only to have Estella squirt the burning fluid into his eye sockets, a deafening scream coming from him along with painful whimpers, Estella breathing heavily as he fell to his knees with his hands over his now red face. Estella managed to kick in his private area and then punch him across his face with all the strength she had.

   "I'm not going to be another one of your victims you fucking pervert."

   Scurrying out of the bathroom, her only mission now was to speed off toward the party booth that she and David' friends were in initially, grabbing her purse and shoving past people so she could run out and catch a breath. Her hand landing over her heart as she bent over the sidewalk to vomit, the tears never stopping. She was terrified, but so fucking proud of herself for escaping what could've been another tragedy. A repeated one. Her hands were moving as if she had been shot with a taser, reaching inside her purse to grab her cellphone and dial Damiun, needing a ride home as soon as possible. When he didn't answer, her chin quivered, thumb hovering over Harry' contact, ignoring the looks she got from people and not one of them dared to ask if she was ok. None of them.

   So she found Raye' number and tried her, almost laughing in joyful shock when she picked up.

   "Raye!" She breathed.

   "Hey Star, it's really not a good time to be calling right now. Can we talk later?"

   When Estella heard the hushed laughter of a deep voice and a sudden moan from Raye, her eyes widened. "Damiun!" Raye yelled.

   "Are you guys having sex right now?"

   "Bad timing?" Damiun chuckled.

   "I'm—Fuck—I'm sorry," Estella rubbed her eyes, sniffling. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

   Raye noticed the way her voice trembled and immediately sat up, Damiun falling to the side of the bed with a "thank god" while Raye held her growing stomach with a concerned look. "Baby, what's wrong honey?"

   "I-I went to this club with David to get my mind off Harry—"

   "Wait, what happened with Harry?"

   "We had an argument about Zayn that got pretty gruesome. I met up with him him to talk about what happened and I—kissed him."

   "You fucking what?!" Raye shouted, Estella squeezing her eyes shut.

   "I know, and then Harry fought him in public and we got to my house and he put his hands on me."

   Damiun almost went into kill mode, snatching the phone from his wife who dragged out an "oww" only to have him put his hand up to her face to keep her quiet. "He did what?"

   "It's not like that—"

   "He put his hands on you, it's exactly what the fuck it sounds like, peach," He growled. "Where are you? It's almost one in the morning."

   "I'm at Catatonic. I was with these girls and did drugs—"

   "What drugs?"

   "Cocaine." She shamefully whimpered.

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