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She lets out a breath as she feels Harry' warm breath trickle down her neck and that sent chills down her spine, especially when he wraps his muscular arm around her waist, pulling her back until she hit his chest. "Harry - I really do have to admit, this painting is just incredible."

She turns around and grabs Harry' hands, her fingers playing with one of the rings on his left hand, his eyes burning into her skull. The atmosphere was really setting the mood completely. The lights were dimmed and a few candles which had been letting out glorious scents were scattered around the place. Her apartment complex was extremely comfortable and relaxing, very spacious and modernized- also very sparkly and clean. It was a duplex building with spacious rooms and Thai glass corridors, well ventilated, wide range of furniture with modern fittings and facilities. For some reason, Estella had one of those homes with the gardens on her rooftop, something about gardens making her feel at ease. It was currently nighttime and her bypass doors were open, sleek curtains flowing with every air that blew against them. The view was amazing from where they were standing, enjoyable night views, especially the moonlit nights.

"Maybe you could paint me?" Estella seen the look on Harry' beautiful face when she said what she said - it was a look of confusion and astonishment. She slowly placed her small hands onto his shoulders while leaning forward, kissing onto his neck sensually, waiting for a response. "Please?"

He shook his head yes, because why not. Estella was a very stunning woman, brown sugar skin and bright eyes. Few freckles here and there, stretch marks on her hips and ass, plump lips and his favorite, a spectacular body shape. She slowly began to remove herself from him to untie her robe, revealing her black, lace bra. Harry' eyes stayed glued to her chest, a smirk rising up on his lips as he took his seat back on his chair, spreading his legs as he watched her slowly walk towards him. Estella wanted him so badly. She wanted him for more reasons than one, reasons she couldn't even explain, but reasons she rather wasted to show.

Estella' robe slid down her body until the material pooled around her feet, matching black panties making itself known as well. She grinned as she made her way over to Harry, sitting on his lap. He looked into her eyes and could tell what she was asking for as his large soft hands travel up her back.

"Take it off." She stated directly, telling him to take her lingerie off and that's exactly what he did. Harry' long fingers trailed along her warm skin, Estella sucking in a breath when they went behind her to unhook the strap of her bra, pulling it down her chest until he could see her nipples come to view, goosebumps suddenly all around her as she watched his eyes grow darker in that moment of quietness, in love with how small but perky they were, enough to fit his palm perfectly.

"Lay on the couch for me," He demands, nodding his head towards the white furniture, leaving her panties be as he watched her small figure obey by doing directly what he said. Estella made herself comfortable, seeming as though she might be in this position for a while, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, her silky hair dipping in between her collarbone flawlessly, representing literal art to Harry. "Might wanna lean back so you won't hurt your neck."

As Harry prepped a new canvas, he scooted his chair back the way he wanted so he could face her, getting up to refill his glass of alcohol, making sure to give her some as well, Estella thanking him as she held it in her hand, legs closed while she rested her body on the arm of the couch. Her legs were bent, slightly up towards her chest which hadn't been blocked by them, glass to her lips as she studied his features and that's exactly how he wanted her to sit.

Harry lit another cigarette, switching the song on his stereo and getting himself relaxed again before he began. Dark eyes studied on her instantly and she blushed, shyly looking away with a beautiful smile coming on her face, making his heart warm. He wondered how someone could be so shy, yet so seductive without even knowing it. How free when alone, but nervous when acknowledged.

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