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                    SHE WAS BACK IN NEW YORK, a sense of sadness washing over her when she realized she had to book her flight to leave Paris. Those three days meant a lot to her, especially witnessing the look on her best friends face when she tried on the dress she made just for her. Raye was absolutely thrilled that day, and so was her husband when he found out she was pregnant. The moment was so surreal, she just couldn't believe that she made her dreams come true for one, magical day.

Not to mention the time she spent with Harry. There was something about him she hasn't seen in a man in a while. Something so fulfilling yet passionate about his demeanor sent all kinds of thoughts flying throughout her mind. How such a young man like himself spoke volume about his admiration for not only art, but life itself. She never met someone like him, someone so open with her and she hadn't even known him for that long. Estella was preparing herself for the night, going with a not so sexy look; sexy but classy. A burgundy pencil skirt adorning her skin with a matching crop top, silver hoops in her ears, black stilettos on her feet and topping it off with a black bomber jacket.

"This is like our third date, if you count hanging out in my hotel until 3am a date." She giggled, Harry shaking his head as he held out his hand for her, helping her get out of the car before closing it behind her.

"It's not a date. I just want to hang out."

Harry' attire made Estella want to get on her knees instantly at just how fucking gorgeous he looked. Something about the way he dressed was already a plus one in her mind. Any man that could do both, switch up his style, was instantly so worth it. He was suited greatly with a white button down, a dark blazer thrown over himself, black boots that seemed very expensive addressing his feet. She noticed he wore a few more rings on his fingers, which was another thing she liked. His legs were covered by dark jeans to match the blazer he has worn, completing the look overall.

"Yeah, sure." She looks back at him to see him smiling, that smile always causing her heart to flutter.

"Come on love." Harry had spoken as he walked to an elevator that was inside the garage after he parked his car. The garage door closed as she followed suit, the elevator shutting as they stood besides each other.

Harry had invited her to his loft, not calling this a date but rather much a time to hang out. He knows she's been busy for half her trip and even if they did spend little time together, he wanted more. When the elevator came to a complete stop, Estella was absolutely stunned when she witnessed the luxurious loft that she didn't believe was his. An enormous window had caught her eye and she felt so at peace because he had such a captivating view of NYC. The white leather couches, black marble tables, the black polished piano, even a signed guitar leaning against the wall. White carpet in only the living room from what she could see. It was all just modern styled, a kind of style she adored.

"Like?" He asked.

She sighed happily. "Love."

He laughed a little, showing his adorable dimples which she found beyond cute. "Come with me."

She watched him hold out his hand. "Where to?"

"The kitchen sweetheart, we do have a date - remember?" He said in an obvious tone.

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